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The Roots You Don’t See and the Damage They Can Cause

The root system of a tree impacts its health and longevity. When there is enough space, roots can extend further than the branches up to three times. When it comes to the root underground system, it can go down 20 feet or deeper and spread over a greater area. But, when you are dealing with […]

Backyard Tree Lopping, What You Need To Know

People need trees for many reasons, but once in a while, you need to prune and trim them to keep them healthy. Besides maintaining their health and appearance, it ensures safety to your property. Caring for your trees involves different methods that are performed for different reasons. For example, tree removal takes out those in […]

4 Common Reasons for Tree Removal

Keeping trees on our properties is important for the environment. However, tree removal is sometimes necessary to protect other trees in the yard and the building structures on the property. For that reason, the ultimate tree service provider in Brisbane – TPS Tree Lopping – has decided to help you understand when you need to […]

4 Common Fungi which affect Trees and How to Treat Them

Even though it might not often cross your mind, trees get sick just like we do. Tree diseases can have many negative consequences on tree health including discoloration, impaired growth, poor canopy, and failure to thrive. If left untreated, diseased trees will eventually die. Therefore, if you don’t want any dead trees in your garden, […]

5 Warning Signs to Spot and Prevent Tree Hazards

A lush green garden full of mature trees and plants is a dream come true. We all love greenery and areas full of trees. But if the tree gets sick and catches a disease, it is not only painful but also dangerous. It can fall over or drop heavy branches if not taken care of. […]

Effective tips that will help you maintain tree for life

The significance of planting trees is highest in the current situation when global warming has threatened the existence of several species. When we plant more trees, we can expect to lead a healthy life as plants release oxygen and absorb the CO2 from the environment. You can get in touch with tree services Brisbane to […]

3 Important Tips to Prepare for Tree Removal

If you are thinking of removing a tree from your backyard, you need to plan carefully. You can hire stump grinding Brisbane professionals for the job. When you decide to bring down your tree on your own, you may sustain injuries.  This is the main reason why hiring a professional is preferred. Tree removal becomes […]

The Potential Benefits of Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is a popular method of trimming the trees through the lopping of branches. It is an effective way to control sickness in trees. This helps to remove the diseased part of the tree that is no longer in good condition to promote the growth and longevity of the rest of the tree. Though […]