10 Essential Things to Consider Before Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a cause of concern and sometimes stands as mandatory on the grounds of safety. Though it stands as a necessity, it is not something that you need to fulfil in a rush. There can be certain upsides and downsides to tree removal and thus should be carried out in a safe manner. So, here are ten essential things to consider before tree removal.

1. Count on the risks:

There are plenty of risks associated with tree removals such as electrical wiring, the buildings located near trees, wildlife, and a lot more. Count on the dangers and accordingly chalk out a way for the removal of a tree.

2. Rules and regulations:

You cannot merely walk and chop off a treetop to bottom. You need to know whether you are really allowed to do the same or not. Consider availing tree services Brisbane where you will get professionals who are well acquainted with the rules and have knowledge about council regulations and can pass on the same to you and let you know if you need to seek any permission for tree removal.

3. Property damage:

If the trees in your backyard overgrow and stand to hang towards your balcony walls or your neighbor’s house, then your property may be at risk. It can damage your property if an accident occurs. Thus, make sure that you opt a way for tree and stump removal to keep your family and assets safe.

4. Can cause electrical hazards:

If the trees come in contact with electrical wirings, then it can cause immense loss to your property and can also put your life to stake. Thus make sure that you go in for tree removal if you find any tree branches hanging out in the direction of electrical wirings which can initiate a fire and cause emergency situations.

5. Tree removal – a step for safety:

It’s not just that you are risking your life by overlooking overgrown trees, but you can put everyone’s life at risk. May it be your family, your neighbor’s family, pets, guests, passers-by and a lot many other people. There are high chances of a casualty situation if you do not consider the evacuation of an overgrown tree.

6. Hiring the professionals:

Counting on the professionals for availing tree services Brisbane is a smart decision as they have the expertise of chopping off a tree making use of safety standards. Tree branches tend to fall out in unpredicted ways and can pose a danger to the people residing in the nearby area. Thus make sure that you do not plan it do it yourself and consider hiring the professionals to do the same.

7. Inability to understand wood decay:

A layperson cannot understand the decaying wood, and it can be a hard nut to crack by just looking at the integrity of the tree. It can be a real tough job for an onlooker to judge the auxiliary uprightness. Again this calls for the professionals to pass their judgment on the trees being rotten or decayed despite looking sturdy and perfectly alright.

8. Dangerous tools for tree removal:

The professionals make use of dangerous tools for tree and stump removal which cannot be handled by every layman. Thus it needs to be used with utmost safety and should be in all ways kept out of reach of children.

9. Working out a plan:

The experts may figure out the areas where the trees may tend to fall. This will help in removing all obstacles nearby the drop zone for a safe expulsion.

10. Authenticity check:

Tree removal is no Tom, Dick and Harry’s job thus be very wise while making the decision. Make sure that you check out the certification and license of the company you are planning to hire for the tree removal job.


Tree arborists are highly skilled and trained for evacuating trees, and thus one should consider hiring them for working out a safe and hassle-free tree removal task.