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Tree Lopping in Brisbane

There’s no doubt that trees provide us with numerous benefits from providing shade on a hot day, greenery beautifying our landscape and boosting mood, to providing us with the much-needed oxygen. So, it’s no wonder why we all love having trees in our backyards, especially in the beautiful Brisbane climate allowing us to spend quite […]

Stump Removal and Why It Is Important

Sometimes a tree, especially an old or diseased one, may fall down on its own. On the other hand, expert tree removal may also be needed sometimes due to compromised safety or other reasons. No matter the situation, property owners usually forget about the stump that’s left behind. However, although you may not mind having […]

Everything You Need to Know about Tree Lopping

There’s no doubt that trees are a key part of our ecosystem. Indeed, tree planting increases carbon storage, wildlife habitat, and property value, while also reducing stormwater runoff and erosion. Plus, there are numerous other benefits. However, if poorly maintained, they can be hazardous to the property and those who live on it. To avoid […]

The Importance of Replanting after Tree Removal

Although keeping trees on properties is important for the environment, sometimes tree removal is needed to protect other trees or the building structures – or simply to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the yard. But unfortunately, in most cases, homeowners only perform a tree or stump removal without thinking about the importance of replanting. […]

The Best Time of the Year to Prune Fruit Trees

Pruning your fruit trees at the right time of year will enhance the amount and quality of the crop. Proper timing and pruning techniques are the keys to beautiful fruit and healthy trees. To ensure your trees are pruned appropriately, hire professional Gold Coast tree loppers. When and how to prune fruit trees depends on […]

Who is an Arborist?

An arborist is a professional engaged in the practice of the management and care of trees. Trained and experienced arborists know how to maintain trees for the safety of the public and the health of the trees. Therefore, the next time you need stump removal in Brisbane or tree removal in Brisbane, make sure you […]

What is Stump Grinding?

There are many reasons to eliminate tree stumps in your yard. However, the challenge is deciding which method to adopt when it comes to stump elimination.Stump grinding Brisbaneis one of the most preferredtechniques. Ideally, stump grinding is a detailed process that excavates the stump of a tree without removing the root. How stump grinding is […]

How Do I Know I Need Stump Grinding?

A professional tree cutting service is the solution for bothersome trees. However,after the tree removal service, you might have to deal with the stump. In that case, the stump becomes a permanent fixture in the ground, posing a lot of danger. It is advisabletorequest professional stump grinding in Brisbane before the stump becomes a problem. […]

4 Best Trees to Plant to Bring Birds to Your Property

Watching curious birds flutter around your yard can be interesting and enjoyable. You can admire these lovely creatures from afar as they fly around the trees to eat or perch on a branch to sing a tune. All bird lovers know that hanging a bird feeder or setting a birdbath are great ways to bring […]

Top 2 Worst Trees to Plant in Your Yard

We love trees because they improvethe curb appeal of every home. Trees provide shade and plenty of visual interest. Trees are also habitats for our feathery neighbours and are good for the environment. Choosing suitable trees to plant in your yard may seem like a matter of tastes and preferences. However, planting the right trees […]