Stump Removal and Why It Is Important

Sometimes a tree, especially an old or diseased one, may fall down on its own. On the other hand, expert tree removal may also be needed sometimes due to compromised safety or other reasons. No matter the situation, property owners usually forget about the stump that’s left behind. However, although you may not mind having a stump on your land, expert tree loppers, like TPS Tree Lopping, emphasise the importance of stump removal.

Whit this in mind, continue reading to find out why is stump removal so important:

Top 5 Reasons for Stump Removal

  1. Tree Stumps are Unattractive

First and foremost, no one would ever say ‘Wow, that tree stump in your backyard looks so lovely, wouldn’t they?’ In other words, tree stumps only make your property unappealing and decrease the curb appeal of your home. And, if you wait for a couple of years, you will end up having a rotten mess in your yard.

  1. Tree Stumps are Hazardous

This may sound silly, but according to tree loppers specialists, having tree stumps left on your property can be dangerous for children and visitors, especially for those who don’t know that there’s a stump. Put shortly, stumps are a tripping hazard and can cause injuries. What’s more, if you accidentally hit the stump with your mower, it may need costly repairs.

  1. Tree Stumps Attract Insects

As already mentioned, if you leave a tree stump on your property, it will rot and decay in only a few years. Once decayed, it will attract termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and other pests and vermin. Eventually, these may negatively affect the health of your other trees as well as building structures.

  1. Tree Stumps Encourage Re-Growth

Another reason why stump removal is vital after cutting down a tree is to prevent the stump from encouraging re-growth. If this happens, the roots will continue to grow and may eventually destroy your yard, cement, or sewer lines. Plus, the new growth will take nutrients from other plants or grass, thus causing the lawn or other surrounding plant life to suffer.

  1. Tree Stumps Harbor Disease

Last but not least, one of the most common reasons to cut down a tree is a disease. Hence, if a tree has been damaged or killed by disease, the best solution is to remove it. But, if you forget about stump removal, the stump can harbor disease or fungus which may be spread to surrounding trees and plants and destroy your yard completely.

That said, professional tree loppers encourage stump grinding and removal of the entire root system supporting it. But, as specific heavy machinery is required to get the job done successfully, you have to hire an experienced and professional company offering stump removal services, like TPS Tree Lopping.

So, contact us today to increase the safety of your property and eliminate liability issues to be able to enjoy an aesthetically appealing backyard.