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Never Overlook These Backyard Tree Diseases and Pests That Are Very Common in Brisbane

Do you know trees can also get sick and suffer from different diseases and pests? Just like any living creature, trees, too, are prone to pests and other problems. We might not think about it but leaving trees without care can lead them to look terrible and weak. Many tree diseases are also contagious, plants around that particular tree will also be affected and you have to call for tree lopping services. So, here are some common diseases to look out for:

Brown Root or Rotten Root

One of the most common diseases found in the trees is root rot. This is caused by a type of fungus that lives in the soil. Once it spreads, root rot causes the root to decompose and stops the transportation of nutrients and water from the roots to other parts of the tree. As soon as you detect root rot, it is very important to treat it otherwise it can lead to the death of the tree. For help call the Brisbane tree lopping service.

Symptoms of root rot:

  • Drooping of leaves
  • Roots turning mushy and brown in colour

Myrtle Rust

This is another disease caused by fungus and considered one of the serious diseases in trees. This type of fungal infection attacks plants from the Myrtaceae family which includes pohutukawa, eucalyptus, and feijoa trees. Myrtle rust often attacks leaves, young stems, fruit, and flowers. It is also spread by animals and insects.

Symptoms of myrtle root:

  • Purplish spots on the leaves with bright yellow spores forming into pustules

Cypress Canker

This type of fungal disease kills the branches of the tress very quickly and spreads almost overnight. When taking care of the trees, try to inspect them carefully before it is too late. If caught early, you might be able to save your tree by removing the affected areas. For assistance, you should go to a professional tree and stump removal service provider near you.

Symptoms of cypress canker:

  • Branches will become weak and change colour
  • Bark will become yellow and release spores causing further infection


This type of fungus can affect a variety of plants including trees. During the rainy season, the fungus becomes predominant and spread very quickly as it in warm, humid areas.

Symptoms of Anthracnose:

  • Sunken lesions, spots, and holes on the leaves, fruit, flowers, and stems
  • Significant amounts of defoliation


There are a large number of pests found in Brisbane. These pests can lay eggs inside of trees and the small larvae feed on the trees leave them weak.


  • Swelling of tree bark
  • Ripped leaves
  • Leaking sapling
  • Defoliation

Bottom Line

If you want your trees to be healthy, make sure you take care of them properly by noticing small changes and symptoms. If you need to remove any tree, always call for professional help as stump grinding prices can be affordable.