5 Warning Signs to Spot and Prevent Tree Hazards

A lush green garden full of mature trees and plants is a dream come true. We all love greenery and areas full of trees. But if the tree gets sick and catches a disease, it is not only painful but also dangerous. It can fall over or drop heavy branches if not taken care of. You can call professional stump removal Brisbane to take care of such a situation.

Discussed below are the five warning signs to look out for:

1. Leaf Changes

Changes in the leaves of a tree without any seasonal change is the biggest warning sign to look out for. If you see that your tree is losing leaves, look closer to discover what is wrong with it. Similarly, dying or discolouration can also be a sign of your tree in distress. Your tree can experience unexplained leaf issues for various reasons such as pest infection or root issues. If you see any such problem, start taking good care of your tree and call for professional help right away.

2. Dead or Broken Branches

If you see dead, damaged, broken, or hanging branches on your trees, it means that something is wrong. Depending on the size of the branch it may need to be removed. Many times big and long branches fall off and cause injury or damage. Another reason why you should remove any dead or damaged branches is that it puts the tree in a vulnerable position as it is more susceptible to pest invasion or certain diseases. It is good to call for a professional tree grinder to remove the branch.

3. Structural Issues

Many times a tree might look healthy but that does not necessarily mean that the tree is safe. Sometimes the tree might have some structural issues like the top has become too heavy and is prone to falling over. Incorrect pruning can cause such problems. Make sure you properly prune your tree to help it remain healthy.

4. Trunk Changes

You should always look out for any cracks or changes in the trunk of a tree. Small cracks are harmless but can develop into bigger cracks which are the signs of structural instability, trunk weakness, or root rot. Try to examine the trunk and if the situation calls for tree felling, do it right away to avoid any dangerous situation.

5. Root Issues

We all know that the root system is crucial for a tree to be healthy and stay alive. It not only provides stability to the tree but also helps to transport nutrients from the soil to other parts of the tree. You must check for any problems near the base of the tree. Mushrooms growing can be a sign to look out for. If the roots are affected, the tree is susceptible to falling over. If it looks sick call for help as the Tree stump removal cost is quite affordable.

Look out for the warning signs and take good care of your trees.