4 Ways to Spot a Falling Tree

Every year, trees and branches cause endanger people throughout the world. A dead or dying tree in your yard can cause thousands of dollars in property damage as well as posing a risk people at your home. It takes both time and money to remove such trees. To stay clear of such a mess, you can call for a tree removal service as well.  Most homeowners have zero knowledge on how to spot a dangerous tree in their yard. Here are some ways to spot a falling tree:

1. Keep an Eye on the Tree

Nothing beats close observation and so keeping an eye on the tree is the best way to spot if the tree is dangerous for your property or not. Try looking at the entire tree and its posture, in which direction is the tree leaning, which part of the tree look stunted, and where the leaves start shedding. Once you notice any such signs, it will be best to call for a tree cutting service. They will not only give you the best options regarding safety hazards but also the treatment and solution.

2. Ground Inspection

After inspecting the current scenario of the tree, focus on the ground. The ground plays a very important role in holding the tree straight. Now there are two types of roots you have to be aware of. First is the anchoring roots that support the tree. Second is the absorbing roots that tend to hide below the ground where they give the tree the necessary nutrients they need from the soil.

If the tree has rotting anchoring roots, this can lead to stability issues. Though the tree might look healthy, it may fall and cause a huge problem to your property. Thus, a closer look near the ground of a tree can give you a warning of a hazard. Call for people who can help you in maintaining your trees and also indicate disturbances.

3. Trunk Inspection

A trunk gives support to a tree. If you notice any problem or cracks and cavities in the trunk, it is time to take action. A decaying trunk can cause the whole tree to fall suddenly if you don’t take proper care of it.

4. Canopy Inspection

One of the most obvious ways to detect a dangerous tree is to notice the overall appearance of the branches. If the tree is not getting enough sunlight, it will start to shed branches. A trees will have brown leaves if it is dying and the bark will fall off. So, if you notice any such changes in the whole appearance of a particular tree, please reach out for help.

Bottom Line

Having greenery around your house is both relaxing and beautiful. Taking good care of the trees and flowers is equally important. You cannot ignore a tree once you plant it. Nurturing and taking care of it is your responsibility. To get the best professional care for your tree, you can contact TPS Tree Lopping.