4 Tree-Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make Most Often

When it comes to tree trimming, we are often very confident and think it cannot go wrong, we are sure that a couple of ladders and chainsaws are enough to take care of the extra growth of a tree beautifully. But that is wrong. The task of trimming a tree is dangerous, so it needs extra care and some knowledge. You can contact Brisbane tree services for professional help.

Without the proper use of the right techniques and the right equipment, you can end up heavily affecting the overall health and safety of the entire tree. So, let’s look at some common mistakes most homeowners make during trimming a tree.

1. Tree Topping

This technique does more harm than good. Most homeowners often choose this technique to trim the trees. This option is carried out by simply lopping off the crown of a particular tree. The very peak of the tree is cut off to limit the vertical growth of the entire tree. This method is not only dangerous but is unhealthy for any tree. This causes its branches to grow outwardly, limiting blooms and leaf production. You also leave it vulnerable to pests and disease. For best trimming techniques check out Brisbane tree lopping.

2. Over Trimming

Removing excess dead branches and broken limbs is important for both the health and beauty of the tree. But, cutting off too many limbs the tree is strictly a no. This is because many limbs and branches are needed for a tree to photosynthesis. If you cut too many branches and stop its growth, it takes a lot of time for a tree to recover from trauma. Minimum trimming is always a good option.

3. Cutting Too Close to the Base

The base of a tree branch is called the branch collar. It is an extremely important area as it provides and passes on all the nutrients into the tree almost like veins carrying necessary nutrition. Cutting a tree brunch creates a disconnection for the tree. So, it is better to leave the branch collar intact and trim the dead branches and leaves. Tree lopping Brisbane Southside is a good option for you to check out.

4. Using the Wrong Tools

There are many different tools. Using a properly sanitised and sharp tool is important. It reduces the chances of any infectious bacteria and fungi spreading all over the tree. If you are using a dull tool, it is very likely to leave marks like open wounds on the tree. So, using good quality tools for trimming a tree is necessary.

Bottom Line

Always keep in mind that summer is not a good season for tree trimming. Trees have to fight hard for survival during extreme weather conditions and cutting too many limbs or chopping the crown is never a good option. Spring and fall are the best time for this job. Spring has just started in Australia and thus you will get the best results now. If you have a dead tree and want some help, check out how to remove a tree stump online for a smooth and easy task.