5 Common Tree Pruning Mistakes

We all want to keep our garden and lawn looking lush and healthy. But when trees become tall or unruly, it is a good time to give them a trim. You can go for tree lopping services or you can easily do it yourself with the help of a few tools and tips. You do, however, need to avoid a few common mistakes while pruning your trees. Let us see some common mistakes people make while tree pruning:

1. Trimming the top of the tree

Trimming the top of the tree might seem an easy and good thing to do but it is not. People often make this mistake. You should never trim the top of a tree. Tree topping leads to the growth of suckers (also called water sprouts). These twig-like thin sprouts can be visible after you trim the top of your tree. These sprouts affect the growth of the tree. So, always remove these suckers from the top of your tree as soon as you find them.

2. Cutting at the trunk

Tree and stump removal might sound easy but it takes a lot of work. One of the common mistakes people make is they cut the tree at the junction of a branch and a trunk. This is also known as branch collar cutting. This is a big mistake because when you cut a branch right down to its connection with the tree, you create an entry point for infection or decay. The trunk always needs to be protected. You should avoid collar cutting to maintain tree health.

3. Cutting the largest branch

Like humans or any other creature, trees can experience a kind of pain and trauma. You create such traumatic damage to your tree if you cut off its biggest branches. The bigger branches are more important for your trees, avoid cutting them if you do not want to harm the tree.

4. Damaging the bark

The first thing to do when you want to trim a tree is to plan. Always plan your work properly and then execute. Try not to harm the tree by cutting the biggest branch and then finishing the work. You also shouldn’t damage the bark of the tree. Maintaining the safety of the bark of the tree is very important for the overall health of the tree. When cutting a heavy branch of the tree, make sure you take it nice and easy so that it won’t break or harm the bark.

5. Pruning too much

People often prune too much when they first begin to prune. This is also termed as lion tailing or over-pruning. Beginners often make this mistake and it can lead to big damage to the tree. It can cause issues like rotting of the tree, the growth of suckers, branch breakage, and more. Brisbane tree lopping specialists can help you with further information.

Bottom Line

If you are new to tree pruning, you should try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes people commonly make. Stump grinding prices are usually high but they vary from one company to another. You can check online for more information on this.