3 Effective Tips to Handle Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can cause an enormous amount of frustration to property owners who often struggle to find ways to deal with them. Stump removal is important as stumps can cause safety issues. Unfortunately, they are quite resilient and may put up a strong fight as you strive to remove them from your property. Not only do tree stumps pose a safety threat but they can also spoil the aesthetics of your property. They may also become a safe haven for rodents, pests, and other harmful creatures. There are several ways to eliminate tree stumps.

Below are three significant methods to tackle with stump removal:

1. Excavation

The excavation method requires the use of heavy machinery, often including an excavator, to pull the stubborn stump out of the ground. The method has emerged as quite effective for stumps, root removal, and land clearing for construction. You may think of investing in this option as it has proved to be useful is the ground needs to be prepared to further building work such as laying a patio or paths. This is because decaying organic matter can pose a threat to the foundations or other elements around the site. If you seek to take up the project of tree removal from your backyard, and you have the space for the required equipment, you can rely on the excavation method.

2. Chemical removal

This has emerged as a popular DIY method to eliminate stumps. Many reliable stump killing solutions are manufactured from potassium nitrate as it possesses the capacity of breaking down wood into a spongy texture. The following steps are involved in this method:

  1. Vertical holes are drilled around the base of the stump.
  2. Angled vertical holes are then created and the solution is poured into the stump.
  3. After a wait approximately one and a half months, the stump should be able to be broken up with an axe.

Although this method is quite economical, you must remember that this method may be less effective for specific types of woods like hardwoods and gum trees. Be careful about children and pets while using potassium nitrate as it is not safe for them. It is recommended that you call experts in Brisbane tree removal if you plan to use this method. The professionals will be able to advise on the required safety measures under this method.

3. Stump grinding

Stump grinding has emerged yet another effective way to get rid of tree stumps. Stump grinding is affordable as well. A grinder can effectively eliminate a stump in a well-built garden without touching the surrounding soil and landscape. Grinders are able to chew through a stump with ease.


You may choose any of the above discussed three methods to handle stump removal. Many homeowners opt to rely on stump grinder professionals when they plan to remove the unsightly tree stumps. Among the above three methods, stump grinding is not only effective but it is cost-effective as well. It will enhance the safety of your family and will also keep all the harmful creatures at bay.