The Roots You Don’t See and the Damage They Can Cause

The root system of a tree impacts its health and longevity. When there is enough space, roots can extend further than the branches up to three times. When it comes to the root underground system, it can go down 20 feet or deeper and spread over a greater area. But, when you are dealing with root damage, consider using the services of tree loppers to control your tree roots.

Trees need oxygen, water, and nutrients, and these are usually available near the surface of the soil. For this reason, most roots, including those small, absorbing ones, grow rapidly on the soil surface area. A tree typically has up to seven major roots. When you cut one of them, it can kill about 25% of the root system. Below ground, there are two types of roots:

Structural roots.

These help anchor the tree and stabilize it to the ground.

Feeder roots.

These store nutrients and moisture and transfer them from the soil.

These roots may cause damage to your property and the surrounding area. Also, know that tree roots can continue to grow even after the trunk has already died. The tree specialists at the tree lopping Brisbane will likely kill, cut, and remove the roots to stop or prevent the damage they can cause. There are also other ways to fix the problem without killing the tree, for example, pruning or lopping.

What Are the Potential Damages?

Drainage problem.

Tree roots that become uncontrollable can bring about several problems, such as blocking drains. However, the roots are usually not the initial reason for drain damage. Roots will only enter your drains if they are already leaking and damaged. So, if you have a watertight drain, the tree roots should not be able to penetrate them. But, if the roots have already infiltrated your drains, removing the tree may not solve the problem. What you need to do is repair the drainage system or replace it to prevent further infiltration.

Damaged sidewalks.

Are your sidewalks heaving out or have cracks due to tree roots? This is a serious concern as it can cause accidents to pedestrians or kill the tree itself by attempting to correct the situation. It is not uncommon for the tree roots to grow under hard surfaces like sidewalks, resulting in cracks due to the pressure. The best way to avoid dealing with this problem is prevention. In case root damages occur on your sidewalks, you may need tree removal or root pruning.

Pavement lifting.

Roots can lift your pavement if your trees are extremely close to it. The compacted soil can make roots grow near the surface of the soil, eventually lifting the pavement. You can prevent this problem in the future by leaving space between the tree and a paved area, at least 4 feet away from each other. You may also use mechanical barriers so that the roots will not grow beneath the pavement.

Invade the foundation of your home.

A foundation that is well-maintained is capable of protecting itself with root invasion. But, roots invading your foundation is not impossible. Here are some signs that you have root problems:

  • The floor surface starts to buckle
  • Uneven window or door frames
  • Cracks on the windows without evidence of force or trauma
  • Vertical cracks on the walls
  • Cracks in the floor

Some other factors may cause these signs, so make sure to check and investigate if the roots are the culprit before taking any actions, such as stump removal. For example, dig around your home foundation and find out there are roots growing and extending toward it.

There are many horror stories of roots breaking into surfaces and foundations, leading to costly repairs. You can prevent problems with tree roots and the damages they can create. Proper selection of trees and their location, as well as preventative measures, are good ideas. Also, call the professional tree service company if you want to approach your tree root problems the right way.

Backyard Tree Lopping, What You Need To Know

People need trees for many reasons, but once in a while, you need to prune and trim them to keep them healthy. Besides maintaining their health and appearance, it ensures safety to your property. Caring for your trees involves different methods that are performed for different reasons. For example, tree removal takes out those in the wrong location, pruning protects trees from acquiring diseases, while lopping modifies the size of the tree by trimming its branches.

What Is Backyard Tree Lopping?

When you want to guide the tree branches to grow in a specific direction, you utilize the lopping technique. It involves meticulous cutting of branches and removing damaged parts, promoting longevity and new growth.

Hiring tree loppers ensures that the right people will take care of your trees, equipped with expertise and experience. This is because trying to lop a tree on your own or hire inexperienced workers to do it can do more damage than good. Cutting too many leaves and branches can weaken the tree and expose it to parasites and diseases. It is best to leave this job to the experienced and trained loppers, as they safeguard your property, protect your trees, and abide by relevant regulations while lopping is in operation.

Why You Should Consider Tree Lopping?

Help in proper tree growth.

Lopping has been proven to help proper tree growth as well as preserve the structural integrity of the tree. A reputable tree lopping Brisbane company will have a team of experts to handle your tree problems and carry out what you need. Lopping produces the desired results when correct methods are used.

Preserve health.

Trees often battle with fungi and diseases, and lopping services can keep such attacks at bay. Trimming diseased and dead branches can make trees stronger and healthier. Professional loppers can identify diseases and prevent them from spreading to other trees.

Promote fruit production.

If you have fruit trees in your backyard, one way to encourage the production of fruits is through lopping. This technique helps spurs to develop, resulting in more fruits the following season. Because the process removes diseased branches, the trees become healthy; thus, producing more fruits.

Reduce hazards on the property.

As much as the benefits they provide, trees can pose a threat to your property and the people living in it, particularly during heavy rains, strong winds, and storms. Preventing hazards due to trees is one major reason to call professional tree services. Consider using these services when you need to:

  • Prevent electrical accident by removing tree branches that interfere with or block wiring
  • Save the structure of your property from threats of a tree
  • Remove dead, sick, and weak branches that may fall off
  • Cut parts of the tree that may infiltrate your home plumbing system

Increase property value.

Overgrown branches of trees can block the beauty of your property from other people. Also, the growing and extending branches do not go well with your landscaping. A tree lopping company can help your property maintain its aesthetic appeal as well as increase its value when it is time to offer it to the market.

When you call professional tree loppers, expect them to cover all the bases. A company that has been in the industry for a long time can handle all your tree needs such as pruning, cutting, stump removal, stump grinding, wood chipping, etc., and transforming your outdoor areas at the same time.

4 Tree-Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make Most Often

When it comes to tree trimming, we are often very confident and think it cannot go wrong, we are sure that a couple of ladders and chainsaws are enough to take care of the extra growth of a tree beautifully. But that is wrong. The task of trimming a tree is dangerous, so it needs extra care and some knowledge. You can contact Brisbane tree services for professional help.

Without the proper use of the right techniques and the right equipment, you can end up heavily affecting the overall health and safety of the entire tree. So, let’s look at some common mistakes most homeowners make during trimming a tree.

1. Tree Topping

This technique does more harm than good. Most homeowners often choose this technique to trim the trees. This option is carried out by simply lopping off the crown of a particular tree. The very peak of the tree is cut off to limit the vertical growth of the entire tree. This method is not only dangerous but is unhealthy for any tree. This causes its branches to grow outwardly, limiting blooms and leaf production. You also leave it vulnerable to pests and disease. For best trimming techniques check out Brisbane tree lopping.

2. Over Trimming

Removing excess dead branches and broken limbs is important for both the health and beauty of the tree. But, cutting off too many limbs the tree is strictly a no. This is because many limbs and branches are needed for a tree to photosynthesis. If you cut too many branches and stop its growth, it takes a lot of time for a tree to recover from trauma. Minimum trimming is always a good option.

3. Cutting Too Close to the Base

The base of a tree branch is called the branch collar. It is an extremely important area as it provides and passes on all the nutrients into the tree almost like veins carrying necessary nutrition. Cutting a tree brunch creates a disconnection for the tree. So, it is better to leave the branch collar intact and trim the dead branches and leaves. Tree lopping Brisbane Southside is a good option for you to check out.

4. Using the Wrong Tools

There are many different tools. Using a properly sanitised and sharp tool is important. It reduces the chances of any infectious bacteria and fungi spreading all over the tree. If you are using a dull tool, it is very likely to leave marks like open wounds on the tree. So, using good quality tools for trimming a tree is necessary.

Bottom Line

Always keep in mind that summer is not a good season for tree trimming. Trees have to fight hard for survival during extreme weather conditions and cutting too many limbs or chopping the crown is never a good option. Spring and fall are the best time for this job. Spring has just started in Australia and thus you will get the best results now. If you have a dead tree and want some help, check out how to remove a tree stump online for a smooth and easy task.

4 Ways to Spot a Falling Tree

Every year, trees and branches cause endanger people throughout the world. A dead or dying tree in your yard can cause thousands of dollars in property damage as well as posing a risk people at your home. It takes both time and money to remove such trees. To stay clear of such a mess, you can call for a tree removal service as well.  Most homeowners have zero knowledge on how to spot a dangerous tree in their yard. Here are some ways to spot a falling tree:

1. Keep an Eye on the Tree

Nothing beats close observation and so keeping an eye on the tree is the best way to spot if the tree is dangerous for your property or not. Try looking at the entire tree and its posture, in which direction is the tree leaning, which part of the tree look stunted, and where the leaves start shedding. Once you notice any such signs, it will be best to call for a tree cutting service. They will not only give you the best options regarding safety hazards but also the treatment and solution.

2. Ground Inspection

After inspecting the current scenario of the tree, focus on the ground. The ground plays a very important role in holding the tree straight. Now there are two types of roots you have to be aware of. First is the anchoring roots that support the tree. Second is the absorbing roots that tend to hide below the ground where they give the tree the necessary nutrients they need from the soil.

If the tree has rotting anchoring roots, this can lead to stability issues. Though the tree might look healthy, it may fall and cause a huge problem to your property. Thus, a closer look near the ground of a tree can give you a warning of a hazard. Call for people who can help you in maintaining your trees and also indicate disturbances.

3. Trunk Inspection

A trunk gives support to a tree. If you notice any problem or cracks and cavities in the trunk, it is time to take action. A decaying trunk can cause the whole tree to fall suddenly if you don’t take proper care of it.

4. Canopy Inspection

One of the most obvious ways to detect a dangerous tree is to notice the overall appearance of the branches. If the tree is not getting enough sunlight, it will start to shed branches. A trees will have brown leaves if it is dying and the bark will fall off. So, if you notice any such changes in the whole appearance of a particular tree, please reach out for help.

Bottom Line

Having greenery around your house is both relaxing and beautiful. Taking good care of the trees and flowers is equally important. You cannot ignore a tree once you plant it. Nurturing and taking care of it is your responsibility. To get the best professional care for your tree, you can contact TPS Tree Lopping.

Quick Tips for Smooth Stump Grinding That You Can’t Overlook

Unwanted tree stumps can be a big obstacle and can mar the appearance of any property. They not only diminish the beauty of the house but impact the property value as well. Tree stump removal is a complicated job and can cause some unforeseen consequences. If you have got a pesky stump on your property, you can get it removed without any hassle. And, if you are keen on DIY, stump grinding, it is worth noting that grinding a tree stump yourself is doable. However, you should be aware of how to do it correctly.

Here are some vital tips for DIY stump grinding:

1. Use the correct grinder

It is imperative to use the correct stump grinder if you are keen to grind your stump quickly and securely. Grinders are available in various sizes and equipped with some useful features. You must ensure that you have got the right stump grinder for the job. A large number of homeowners opt to rent the tools needed for DIY stump grinding. It can be a useful option if you do not have a stump grinder available. When you decide to rent one, make sure that it has the required size and specification. Larger and stronger trees require bigger stump grinders as they have greater size and power. You may require a tree service professional to minimise any risk to your family and pets on your property.

2. Prepare the worksite

Stump grinding is a time consuming job and you must ensure that the tree stump and worksite are ready before you start. It’s important to separate your worksite and establish a strong barrier around it. It will assist in preventing your family members and pets from getting too close when you are doing the job. The next step involves preparing your stump for grinding and eliminating all stones, rocks, and debris around it. It is important to note that the presence of stones and rocks may harm the blades and grinders. It is therefore crucial to eliminate them as far as possible. You may want to hire Brisbane tree removal professionals to eliminate tree stumps effectively.

3. Get the correct tools ready

A stump grinder is one of the most important tools that you may need for this project. Besides the stump grinder, you will also need some other tools including a shovel, rake, chainsaw, and hose. You must get these tools ready and keep them within your reach as this will help you work quickly and effectively.


Professionals specialised in stump grinding Brisbane can help in eliminating your stump. They have the right tools to grind down the tree stumps from your property. They are also equipped with the expertise and knowledge to do the job safely and effectively. Moreover, you will not face the hassle of renting special tools and machines.

3 Effective Tips to Handle Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can cause an enormous amount of frustration to property owners who often struggle to find ways to deal with them. Stump removal is important as stumps can cause safety issues. Unfortunately, they are quite resilient and may put up a strong fight as you strive to remove them from your property. Not only do tree stumps pose a safety threat but they can also spoil the aesthetics of your property. They may also become a safe haven for rodents, pests, and other harmful creatures. There are several ways to eliminate tree stumps.

Below are three significant methods to tackle with stump removal:

1. Excavation

The excavation method requires the use of heavy machinery, often including an excavator, to pull the stubborn stump out of the ground. The method has emerged as quite effective for stumps, root removal, and land clearing for construction. You may think of investing in this option as it has proved to be useful is the ground needs to be prepared to further building work such as laying a patio or paths. This is because decaying organic matter can pose a threat to the foundations or other elements around the site. If you seek to take up the project of tree removal from your backyard, and you have the space for the required equipment, you can rely on the excavation method.

2. Chemical removal

This has emerged as a popular DIY method to eliminate stumps. Many reliable stump killing solutions are manufactured from potassium nitrate as it possesses the capacity of breaking down wood into a spongy texture. The following steps are involved in this method:

  1. Vertical holes are drilled around the base of the stump.
  2. Angled vertical holes are then created and the solution is poured into the stump.
  3. After a wait approximately one and a half months, the stump should be able to be broken up with an axe.

Although this method is quite economical, you must remember that this method may be less effective for specific types of woods like hardwoods and gum trees. Be careful about children and pets while using potassium nitrate as it is not safe for them. It is recommended that you call experts in Brisbane tree removal if you plan to use this method. The professionals will be able to advise on the required safety measures under this method.

3. Stump grinding

Stump grinding has emerged yet another effective way to get rid of tree stumps. Stump grinding is affordable as well. A grinder can effectively eliminate a stump in a well-built garden without touching the surrounding soil and landscape. Grinders are able to chew through a stump with ease.


You may choose any of the above discussed three methods to handle stump removal. Many homeowners opt to rely on stump grinder professionals when they plan to remove the unsightly tree stumps. Among the above three methods, stump grinding is not only effective but it is cost-effective as well. It will enhance the safety of your family and will also keep all the harmful creatures at bay.