5 Alternative Tree Stump Removal Options

There are many reasons why it’s essential to remove a stump. You may come across many suggestions, but the technique may not work for all kinds of stumps. Over a period of time, you may also get confused even when you are thinking about an effective approach. You may not agree to the advice when you check out lawn care forums. So, apart from removing a stump using a tree grinder, let’s go through some other possible ways.

1. Allow the stump to rot away

When you observe a stump, you may just ignore the fact of grinding it. As you let it rot naturally, you would never have to think about any other method. However, it takes a very long time for the stump to decompose under natural air. In fact, it may take as much as 10 to 15 years until the stump has decomposed completely and while waiting for it to rot, it poses danger to you and your families safety, not to mention welcomes many unwanted insects into your yard.

2. Use chemicals for decomposition

When you think about using chemicals for stump decomposition, you initially need to drill holes in the stump and fill the holes with some kind of chemical. Once the chemical seeps inside the wood, it helps to accelerate the rotting process. Ideally, it’s better to use a powder which contains more percentage of nitrogen. But, for speeding up the process, the stump should be dead before the holes are filled with the powder. If you choose to proceed with this method, the cost is less than the traditional stump grinding prices. But again it will take some time and you will need extra effort to completely remove the remaining stump.

3. Burn the stump completely

Burning the stump is one of the methods that people often recommend. But, when you wish to move on with such an approach, you need to ensure the stump is dry and dead and that you can safety contain the fire. Besides, when the stump is lit, the fire should support the burning process right to the bottom. Apart from everything else, this method is quite inexpensive.

4. Pull the stump from the ground

If you’re concerned about the tree stump removal cost, then you could pull the stump out manually. If the stump is quite large, you can pull the stump using tools. You may also tie the stump to a truck with a chain that would aid for the steady removal of the stump. On the other hand, you can use a tow strap if it may be tough to remove the stump. Initially, you need to start off with gentle jerks and move on with violet jerks.

5. Grind the stump entirely

If you’re seeking to remove the stump swiftly, then you could remove it using a stump grinder. Since you would require the tool for some time, you can rent it from a hardware store. It’s always a good idea to approach a professional if you find stump removal seems a bit tedious.


Finally, with the methods mentioned above, you should choose a technique that’s cost-effective and takes less time. We highly recommend hiring professionals for stump grinding, as stump grinding is the best option when you want a perfect result. Do hire an expert who has the requisite skills for removing stumps. Approaching a company for stump removal Brisbane may also help you out for clearing off the region in less time.