How to Salvage your Trees Post-storm

Storm season looms around the month of September to April in Australia. During these times, trees can suffer heavily and flourished gardens can suddenly turn into a very sad story. To reverse the damage caused during these stormy months, tree lopping can really help. Every year the storm season comes and disrupts the lush forestation in Australia. So, the team at TPS have discussed some important tips that people should know about. These tips are inclined toward tree lopping services to help you reverse/prevent damage caused during storm season.

Preventative Measures

Severe storms are unpredictable and it is extremely challenging to prepare for them when they come unannounced. However, one can take a few of these underwritten preventive steps that will assist them in mitigating the aftermath that follows:

1. Have a routine tree care service session:

You cannot foresee storms but you can develop a routine whereby your trees can withstand such storms. It is important to note that having a healthy tree life requires constant efforts. Thus, you shouldn’t miss routine pruning of the trees and tree and stump removal of unhealthy and weak trees. Because weak and flimsy trees will wither during these storms and pose a threat.

2. Tree Services:

Whenever you hear of any storm approaching your way it is best if you consult tree service professionals for your trees and lawn. They will give you the best advice on how to preserve the trees and what damage to expect from your trees post-storm.

Contact the local arborist in your area or call TPS Tree Lopping. This is important in order to asses any existing lopping canopy or any over-pruning. Because then these weaklings have to be removed so that they don’t encroach in your area and cause excessive damage.

3. Have Enough Space for Trees to Grow:

This step comes way before you ever plan to plant a garden and get some trees. It is the proper mapping of your lawn which will ensure that your trees have proper room to grow. In this step, you have to assess the available space and design the tree space you want – this is typically the best time to have those unwanted and dying stumps removed. Ensure you research, compare and understand stump grinding prices in your neighborhood. This step is important because trees tend to grow their roots out and they might get too close to structure or wires which is a major cause of damage during storms.

4. Removal of Debris:

After the storm has passed, it is now time to get the damages assessed and have a clear-up session. For this purpose, have a professional come and evaluate the condition of your trees. Professionals will not only give you a safety check but will also remove the debris, identify trees that have pests or fungal infection, and bind the trees which have come undone.


Maintaining a healthy lawn and robust trees is not a cakewalk and if you love your plant babies then you need to invest time, money, and energy into their upkeep. Best to contact Brisbane tree lopping at this time.