Effective tips that will help you maintain tree for life

The significance of planting trees is highest in the current situation when global warming has threatened the existence of several species. When we plant more trees, we can expect to lead a healthy life as plants release oxygen and absorb the CO2 from the environment. You can get in touch with tree services Brisbane to grow the right plants that can thrive and grow healthily. Trees can improve the beauty of a property significantly and enhance its value in the long run. Trees also give you the privacy that you desire apart from providing shade and serenity.

Given below are some tips that will help you maintain them:

1. Choose the right tree for your property

If you want your plants to be in a healthy condition, it is necessary to choose the right plants for the right place. This also includes considerations like how tall and wide the tree may grow to when it attains full maturity. You should also consider the shape of the tree according to your property and if the tree you select will lose leaves during the autumn season. You don’t want to miss the benefits that the tree will offer like shade, fresh oxygen, and a rise in your property’s value. Many people plant new trees ignoring these aspects and later end up regretting their decision. You must invest time to learn about the trees that you decide to plant. You can hire tree services Brisbane Southside to plant the best tree for your property.

2. Do not overwater trees

It is necessary for you to not overwater the trees. Sometimes people tend to water trees that are already so wet. They may end up killing the trees. If you find a tree struggling to survive it may be because either the soil is too wet or too dry. You may check with your hand to find whether the tree needs water or not. Touch the soil and if it sticks to your hand, it does not need water. If the soil is dry, it will not stick to your hand. If your tree has died, removing tree stumps requires careful considerations and you should hire professionals for the job to minimise risk factors.

3. Improve the soil

It is necessary to improve the quality of soil as it will help the plant survive. If it is clay soil, you can add some gypsum that will help in boosting the structure of soil and drainage. You should also add effectively rotted compost that will offer organic matter. Compost is significant for sandy soils because it helps in holding moisture around the trees’ roots. You must also add some good quality fertilizer to all soils because it will help in feeding your plants and enhancing growth.


The aforementioned tips will help you grow plants and maintain them for life. If you are trying to search how to remove a tree stump, you may get in touch with experts available online. Planting trees should be a must for every individual. Trees are significant in helping you mitigate climate changes. You should also think of adding mulch after improving the soil. Mulch can effectively lock in the moisture and deter the unwanted weeds. If you are a working individual, you may also invest in plants that will not need a lot of water and grow naturally.

3 Important Tips to Prepare for Tree Removal

If you are thinking of removing a tree from your backyard, you need to plan carefully. You can hire stump grinding Brisbane professionals for the job. When you decide to bring down your tree on your own, you may sustain injuries.  This is the main reason why hiring a professional is preferred. Tree removal becomes necessary when its poses risk to you and your family members. The process of getting rid of your tree should be smooth and free from any risk.

Here is how you can prepare yourself for tree removal:

1. Find the condition of the tree

It becomes imperative to discover the condition of the tree. This will help you find out how much time and effort the entire procedure require. If the tree is healthy, its roots will be spread deeply and you will need a powerful tool and more time to bring it down. Meanwhile, weaker trees will take less time in removal as the roots are not that solid. You can try hitting at the tree’s bark and listening for a hollow sound. It will help you asses the condition of the tree. You should also seek a leading tree removal service for the job.

2. Yard cleaning

It is necessary to clear the yard before you take up the task of tree removal. It will help in accommodating the falling tree. Therefore, anything that can be moved should be removed from the site. The team of experts will decide on an appropriate working area for dropping and cutting the tree. Also, the cleaning must be ideally double the height of the tree. If that’s not possible, the tree should be cut into parts. The tree cutting service will decide two escape routes. The first one will provide an exit when the tree falls in a planned direction. Meanwhile, the second one will offer an exit route if the tree falls in an unplanned direction.

3. Equipment preparation

You will come across many useful tools and protective gear when you decide to remove your tree from the backyard. The tools and equipment may include a chainsaw, axe, rope, helmet, gloves, and protective glasses among others. If you are planning to hire professionals, they will organise a pre-run check of their equipment. This will help in identifying any faulty equipment before the work on the tree begins. Also, the pre-run is useful in eliminating any risk of accidents as a result of damaged equipment.


The above tips will help you prepare to eliminate your tree from your garden in a hassle-free manner. You can get in touch with Brisbane tree services if you are planning to bring down your tree. Also, you should not wait to cut a tree when it grows old or when you plan to construct something. You might opt to bring down the tree so that it won’t be victim to changing weather conditions or heavy storms. It is necessary to hire professional arborists to identify the condition of your trees regularly.

4 Things You Should Avoid Doing to Your Landscaping Trees

Trees and flowering plants make our lives beautiful. Taking good care of them enhances the beauty of your garden and adds a touch of class. Trees are possibly the best friend one can have. But the result will depend on as an owner how much you take care of the trees. To avoid any situation related to stump removal, nurturing is much needed. Now, let us see the things you should not do to your trees:

1. Caring Too Much for Your Trees

When taking care of your trees, mulching and staking are two of the maintaining practices that need to be done. These need to be practiced on newly planted trees. But what do mulching and staking do? If you practice mulching and staking on the trees, it helps your trees to grow to the optimal height. This also helps to protect the trees from damage due to heavy winds. But this practice can also bring destruction to your trees if not done correctly. This is because some trees do not need staking and mulching like other trees as they are independent and grow on their own. Therefore, too much staking can cause damage to the bark and other abnormal growth of the trees. Tree loppers should have an idea about which trees need mulching as it can hurt the bark and root functioning.

2. Girdling the Trees

Nowadays it is very common in our neighbourhoods to find trees that have girdles. Girdles are mainly used by the owners to cushion the crepe myrtle from the lawnmower. But many studies show the result is negative in for the tree. Girdling often results in strangling the tree which compromises the growth and development. Some owners cover the base of the tree trunk with metal or plastic. This should not be done and should be completely avoided.

3. Limiting the Sunlight

Sunlight plays an important role for all plants and helps them in photosynthesis. Most species need ample sunlight to survive such as conifer species, pine, willow, etc. Make sure all of your trees get good exposure to sunlight otherwise they will eventually die. Dead trees require removal. And you should note that tree removal has become a little bit expensive, especially if there are a lot of trees.

4. Give It a Thought before Planting a Tree

You can spend thousands of dollars to plant beautiful trees and watch them grow only to see them cut down by the electricity utility team. Before planting a tree, make sure you plant it away from such a working area. Choose a tree that can grow to a height less than an electrical wire if you have wires in your area.

Bottom Line

Taking good care of your trees is important as they will grow and shine naturally with help of your little nurturing. If any problem occurs, you can call a stump grinder to clean the area.

The Potential Benefits of Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is a popular method of trimming the trees through the lopping of branches. It is an effective way to control sickness in trees. This helps to remove the diseased part of the tree that is no longer in good condition to promote the growth and longevity of the rest of the tree. Though tree lopping Brisbane helps to take care of our trees, many of us do not know the actual reasons behind tree lopping. Apart from giving an aesthetic look and beauty to your garden, there are many more benefits. Let us see some of the potential benefits of tree lopping:

1. Improves the Health of a Tree

To increase the overall health and the lifespan of a tree, lopping by a skilled person is vital. Often certain parts of the tree are prone to death due to disease or pests or even lack of sunlight. Lopping helps in removing sections of the tree or sometimes an entire branch to help the tree survive by optimising its growth.

2. Increase the Growth of a Tree

Often during thunderstorms, the biggest danger to houses, roads, or even bystanders is created by dead trees. Such trees can become hollow from inside due to disease or other biological reasons. If these trees are taken care of on time by a professional then the chances of them succumbing to the high winds and causing damage and destruction become far less than being left alone. Many a time a tree stump is all that is left alone and this can also be taken care of with the help of tree stump removal.

3. Structure of a Tree

In many cases, we see trees that are planted for aesthetic appeal but the growth, shape, and size of the tree are hard to control. This often leads to trees taking on an unsightly appearance. Fortunately, tree lopping, as an exercise, is very useful in modifying the overall shape and proportion of a tree. It involves the careful removal of certain branches of the tree to direct growth in a favourable shape and direction. This leads to an increase in the aesthetic appeal of the tree while keeping its growth stable for a long period. A tree service every few months from a good company is much needed to keep trees beautiful.

4. Control Accidents like Breakage of Powerlines or Catching Fire

Trees are an important source of oxygen and are useful to humans in multiple ways. One can safely say that they are one of the important natural sources for us. But the same trees can become a source of danger when you add a powerline in the mix. Dead tree branches spell trouble for powerlines. Not only do these branches lead to breakage of powerlines during rowdy weather but conversely also paves a way for a tree to catch fire. If any such accidents occur, tree removal Brisbane will be available to remove any such fallen tree.

Bottom Line

Make sure that you call a good professional or a good company for tree lopping. They can confidently tell you all the actions that need to be taken.

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

Though tree stumps might not seem like a big issue it can be dangerous in many ways. They are not only hazardous for the health of your yard but also for your family. Tree stumps can be a major tripping hazard for children, pets, and old people and can cause serious injury. They can also prevent your garden from getting proper maintenance because they need to be worked around by mowers and other tools.

First of all, one thing everyone should keep in mind that stump grinding should not be done by homeowners or gardeners. If you attempt to grind or remove a stump on your own, you can end up damaging your tools, your property, and yourself. Both of these methods of tree felling should strictly be done with the help of professionals and their machinery.

What is stump grinding?

A tree grinder is a piece of heavy machinery that should be operated by a trained professional to remove the entire tree stump. The machine is powered by a petrol engine and consists of a hydraulically controlled arm and a cutting wheel. The wheel spins at a very high speed that cuts through and grinds the tree stump.

Stump grinding is one of the most effective forms of stump removal. It ensures the elimination of ants, bees, snakes, and any other pests.

Advantages of a stump grinder:

  • It is a very quick and effective method
  • It is less intrusive than stump removal
  • It is also considered eco-friendly and you can also use the leftover wood as you like it
  • This method leaves you with a flat area
  • Tree stump removal cost is also pocket-friendly

Disadvantages of stump removal:

  • Tree roots remain
  • This is potentially much messier than another method unless done by a good professional

What is stump removal?

This method is sometimes called stump-pulling. It requires the removal of the entire stump, including the roots. This is intrusive and requires a lot of force and machinery and hence, calling for professional help is necessary. While stump removal eliminates the stump entirely, it also creates a big hole in your yard.

Advantages of stump removal:

  • Eliminates the stump from the roots
  • Prevents regrowth of tree

Disadvantages of stump removal:

  • Typically costlier than stump grinding as this requires a lot of work
  • Is more intrusive than stump grinding
  • Leaves a huge hole in the yard which looks very unattractive and needs to be filled
  • This not so eco-friendly as the stump must be disposed of and often cannot be reused

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal: Which method is better

Though most stump removal companies offer both methods, some homeowners like to choose stump decay and decompose naturally, but this method takes time and encourage pests. The best method often depends on your requirements and purpose. If you want your tree removal cost to be low, you should look into the stump grinding option. If you want a method that removes the entire tree from the roots, you should go for the stump-pulling option.

5 Common Tree Pruning Mistakes

We all want to keep our garden and lawn looking lush and healthy. But when trees become tall or unruly, it is a good time to give them a trim. You can go for tree lopping services or you can easily do it yourself with the help of a few tools and tips. You do, however, need to avoid a few common mistakes while pruning your trees. Let us see some common mistakes people make while tree pruning:

1. Trimming the top of the tree

Trimming the top of the tree might seem an easy and good thing to do but it is not. People often make this mistake. You should never trim the top of a tree. Tree topping leads to the growth of suckers (also called water sprouts). These twig-like thin sprouts can be visible after you trim the top of your tree. These sprouts affect the growth of the tree. So, always remove these suckers from the top of your tree as soon as you find them.

2. Cutting at the trunk

Tree and stump removal might sound easy but it takes a lot of work. One of the common mistakes people make is they cut the tree at the junction of a branch and a trunk. This is also known as branch collar cutting. This is a big mistake because when you cut a branch right down to its connection with the tree, you create an entry point for infection or decay. The trunk always needs to be protected. You should avoid collar cutting to maintain tree health.

3. Cutting the largest branch

Like humans or any other creature, trees can experience a kind of pain and trauma. You create such traumatic damage to your tree if you cut off its biggest branches. The bigger branches are more important for your trees, avoid cutting them if you do not want to harm the tree.

4. Damaging the bark

The first thing to do when you want to trim a tree is to plan. Always plan your work properly and then execute. Try not to harm the tree by cutting the biggest branch and then finishing the work. You also shouldn’t damage the bark of the tree. Maintaining the safety of the bark of the tree is very important for the overall health of the tree. When cutting a heavy branch of the tree, make sure you take it nice and easy so that it won’t break or harm the bark.

5. Pruning too much

People often prune too much when they first begin to prune. This is also termed as lion tailing or over-pruning. Beginners often make this mistake and it can lead to big damage to the tree. It can cause issues like rotting of the tree, the growth of suckers, branch breakage, and more. Brisbane tree lopping specialists can help you with further information.

Bottom Line

If you are new to tree pruning, you should try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes people commonly make. Stump grinding prices are usually high but they vary from one company to another. You can check online for more information on this.

Wind Damage and Protection of Young Trees

When there is a wind storm in the city, the main thing that is affected is trees. They get uprooted, and branches can fall on electrical lines, roads, and roofs. Which poses a threat to people and property. You can reduce this damage by calling services. These professionals will come with the right equipment to remove unwanted trees and branches to ensure that no tree poses a risk due to heavy winds. The arborist uses the proper method to protect the young trees intact and cut down the diseases and decayed trees. However, trees help make cities liveable, and you won’t want to lose them if you don’t have to.

Here are a few tips you can embrace to protect the young trees from wind damage:

1. Stake healthy trees

To protect young trees from the damage caused by strong winds, you can use support stakes to give some more strength. Stakes can be made of metal or wood, as long as they are strong enough to withstand winds and hold the weight of the tree if necessary. Ensure that the tree is tied to the stake loosely, so as not to damage the tree. A service can help you with this.

The stakes will protect the young trees that add appeal to your garden from the blow of heavy winds. You must leave some space around each tree so it can move naturally when there is wind.

When the tree is swaying naturally, it promotes the stronger growth of the tree. It also makes its trunks and branches stronger. It can grow to withstand heavy winds and harsh climatic conditions.

2. Make use of cover

The best and the most effective way to keep young trees safe from heavy winds is by using covers. When you cover a tree, it can be safe from frost, pests, and heavy winds. If you are using a cover, you must also keep a close watch on the weather conditions and uncover the tree when the weather is good. This will ensure the tree gets enough sunlight to be healthy. Having healthy trees will also save any tree removal cost.

3. Water young trees regularly

When you water plants regularly , it keeps their roots healthyr and makes the branches to grow stronger. This helps you to reduce the damage that can be caused by heavy winds. When a tree is dehydrated, the branches become weak and can. You need to water plants throughout the year. When you can prevent the tree from being damaged, it can grow healthy.

4. Choose the right place to plant trees

When you are planting saplings, you must choose the area carefully. You should select a location where there is less wind. If the wind in your area blows from north to south, it’s better to plant the trees in the southern area of the garden. You can hire tree maintenance professionals to help with this.. They will be able to show you the best areas to plant a tree around your home can act as a windbreak for the tree, reducing the damage to trees from.


Trees are prone to damage due to heavy winds, especially young ones. You can prevent severe damage and stress to your trees by following the above-mentioned tips that are mentioned above. These tips will protect the trees from wind damage.

Do Trees Need Emergency Tree Services?

Your garden will be appealing only when you cut down unwanted trees, shrubs, weeds, and branches regularly. The trees grown in the backyard or front yard of the garden are so sturdy and firmly rooted that they can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. When the tree starts to develop a disease, it takes a toll on the tree’s structural integrity, and it results in breakage due to heavy winds. This can pose a serious threat to the person standing under the tree or the parked vehicle or house nearby. You can avoid such damages by hiring tree and stump removal services.

Here are a few emergency cases when you would need the help of emergency tree services:

1. Tree is leaning

You should know how a tree grows. When you observe any abnormal growths, you must immediately call an arborist to cut down the leaning trees that pose a threat to the people in the surroundings and your property. These people will come with the right equipment to cut down the branches and any trees that are leaning in the garden. Whenever you notice any tree leaning abnormally, it is an alarm to call emergency tree services.

2. Signs of tree infection

When you are trimming the trees in your garden, the first thing you must check is any sign of diseases. You can spot the trees that are prone to infection through the spotted leaves, growth of trees away from their regular pattern, and other signs. If any tree has signs of diseases, it is best to call the emergency tree services whose stump grinding prices are extremely affordable.

3. Overhanging branches

When trees grow taller, the branches can spread up to roofs. When there is heavy downpour or winds, the branch would fall on the roof and cause severe damage to the property. If you notice any tree hanging on the home roof, you must immediately contact emergency tree services. You can have peace of mind when there are no overhanging trees in the garden, taking stump removal Brisbane services.

4. Change in the weather conditions

If there is heavy rain or storms that loom in the city, there are chances the trees may decay or or be uprooted. You can reduce the damage by making the trees prepared for it calling the emergency tree services. These people take all the necessary measures to minimize the damages it causes.

5. The tree is unappealing

The tree that is decayed, will pose a serious threat to the property and the garden. It also causes damage to healthy trees growing in the garden area. You can call the emergency tree services to improve the curb appeal of the garden. The tree stump removal cost charged by such professionals is extremely reasonable.


If your tree is weak, old, overgrown, or its branches are hanging onto the property, call TPS Tree Service and seek our emergency help services. We aim to reduce damages and save your time.

4 Important Reasons You Should Get Rid of Tree Stumps on Your Property

Have you got a tree stump in your backyard? If you do, it not only poses safety threats to the inhabitants but it may appear unsightly as well. The presence of a tree stump may also invite harmful insects to the sight. It is thus, crucial to hire a leading tree cutting service provider for its effective elimination. The experts will tackle the matter for you in a quick span of time thus enhancing the appearance of your yard. On the contrary, if you plan to remove the tree stump on your own, you may invite some unwanted risks. Check out our previous post to learn more about the risks of DIY stump removal.

Here are some of the top reasons for scheduling a tree stump removal:

1. Tree Stumps Look Aesthetically Displeasing:

It is worth noting that tree stumps are not aesthetically pleasing and can significantly mar the appearance of your property. It has emerged as one of the major reasons for seeking tree stump removal services. You may find the tree stump as a constant fixture in your yard, but others may find it as a nuisance. Outsiders may also wonder why you haven’t got it removed. Additionally, it may impact the property value as well. Therefore, seek Brisbane tree services today and get the stump removed right away.

2. Tree Growth is Possible in Surrounding Areas from Tree Stumps:

The presence of a tree stump in the yard may also lead to unwanted tree growth in the nearby areas. The new small trees may sprout in the vicinity and you may find it excruciatingly painful to eliminate the tiny sprouts from the surrounding. You may have to spend additional money to remove the unwanted tree growth and it may escalate your budget of maintaining your yard.

3. Tree Stumps May Pose Danger to Children and Pets:

Tree stumps may pose a huge danger to children and pets playing in the yard. You may find it easy to navigate around the tree stump in your yard, but children and pets are not that conscious and alert. When you’ve got a tree stump in your yard, there is a constant risk lingering around. Therefore, removing tree stumps has become imperative to enhance  safety.

4. Tree Stump Interrupts in Lawn Maintenance:

The existence of tree stumps in your backyard may also come in the way during lawn maintenance. Whenever you begin to mow your lawn, you may have to identify a method to manoeuvre around the stump. And, you may have to spend extra time and energy to maintain the stump to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds.


There are various reasons that make it necessary to remove the tree stumps from your lawn. Hire the services of tree lopping Brisbane Southside to get the work done as the professionals have the required expertise to execute the task.

4 Reasons to Choose Stump Grinding for Your Unwanted Tree Stump

When you come across tree stumps in a particular area, then the area may seem unkempt. If the stumps have been present for a long time, then insects and pests are bound to breed on them. This may lead to health hazards if children are playing outdoors. So, if you are wondering how to remove a tree stump, then stump grinding is the best option. With this in mind, here are some reasons why you should choose stump grinding.

1. Maintain the aesthetic look

Maintaining the beauty of your yard is one of the reasons to opt for stump grinding. If you overlook removing the stumps, then they decompose after some time. Moreover, the stumps occupy the space and ruin the visual appeal of the yard. But, as soon as you remove the stump, you can utilise the space so much better by planting shrubs or even build a bed of flowers. You may also think about a fire pit for cooking different kinds of cuisines.

2. Leads to less property damage

Tree stumps differ in different cases with regards to their sizes and shapes. Hence, when you opt for Brisbane tree lopping services, stump grinding is the precise and suitable method. Depending on the size of the stump, the expert may use different types of grinding machines. The grinders may either be as large as trucks or as small as a lawnmower. In the case that the stumps have a large diameter, then the expert uses a vertical stump grinder. While proceeding with the job, he may have to fix the grinder to an excavator or a tractor. This approach would actually lead to less damage and wouldn’t impact the growth of trees and plants in the surrounding region.

 3. A convenient and safe option

Mowing a lawn can be expensive if you are concerned about removing tree stumps. Moreover, if you think about mowing the area on your own, then it can damage the equipment. Such damage arises when the stumps fill-up the lowermost portion of the machine. So, to be on the safer side, it’s always better to grind the stumps steadily. If you hardly have the time to maintain the yard, then you could contact companies for tree lopping services.

4. Curbs growth of weeds

As time passes by, tree stumps can be a breeding ground for insects as well as weeds. Later, the situation may become worse because insects thrive on water and essential nutrients. This ultimately affects the plants which would wither away days ahead. But, if you plan to grind the stumps, then it can help to control the growth of weeds.


It’s always a good idea to hire an expert for destroying the tree stumps. Apart from the approach, the expert holds experience in clearing off landscapes. The machines that experts use are quite capable to clear off the stumps and help you maintain the area. Most of the time, the stump is turned into small wooden chips using a tungsten toothed disc. These chips can later serve as mulch to nourish the plants in the surroundings. So, if you’re finding it tough to maintain a yard in Australia, then you could avail tree services in Brisbane.