4 Important Reasons You Should Get Rid of Tree Stumps on Your Property

Have you got a tree stump in your backyard? If you do, it not only poses safety threats to the inhabitants but it may appear unsightly as well. The presence of a tree stump may also invite harmful insects to the sight. It is thus, crucial to hire a leading tree cutting service provider for its effective elimination. The experts will tackle the matter for you in a quick span of time thus enhancing the appearance of your yard. On the contrary, if you plan to remove the tree stump on your own, you may invite some unwanted risks. Check out our previous post to learn more about the risks of DIY stump removal.

Here are some of the top reasons for scheduling a tree stump removal:

1. Tree Stumps Look Aesthetically Displeasing:

It is worth noting that tree stumps are not aesthetically pleasing and can significantly mar the appearance of your property. It has emerged as one of the major reasons for seeking tree stump removal services. You may find the tree stump as a constant fixture in your yard, but others may find it as a nuisance. Outsiders may also wonder why you haven’t got it removed. Additionally, it may impact the property value as well. Therefore, seek Brisbane tree services today and get the stump removed right away.

2. Tree Growth is Possible in Surrounding Areas from Tree Stumps:

The presence of a tree stump in the yard may also lead to unwanted tree growth in the nearby areas. The new small trees may sprout in the vicinity and you may find it excruciatingly painful to eliminate the tiny sprouts from the surrounding. You may have to spend additional money to remove the unwanted tree growth and it may escalate your budget of maintaining your yard.

3. Tree Stumps May Pose Danger to Children and Pets:

Tree stumps may pose a huge danger to children and pets playing in the yard. You may find it easy to navigate around the tree stump in your yard, but children and pets are not that conscious and alert. When you’ve got a tree stump in your yard, there is a constant risk lingering around. Therefore, removing tree stumps has become imperative to enhance  safety.

4. Tree Stump Interrupts in Lawn Maintenance:

The existence of tree stumps in your backyard may also come in the way during lawn maintenance. Whenever you begin to mow your lawn, you may have to identify a method to manoeuvre around the stump. And, you may have to spend extra time and energy to maintain the stump to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds.


There are various reasons that make it necessary to remove the tree stumps from your lawn. Hire the services of tree lopping Brisbane Southside to get the work done as the professionals have the required expertise to execute the task.

4 Reasons to Choose Stump Grinding for Your Unwanted Tree Stump

When you come across tree stumps in a particular area, then the area may seem unkempt. If the stumps have been present for a long time, then insects and pests are bound to breed on them. This may lead to health hazards if children are playing outdoors. So, if you are wondering how to remove a tree stump, then stump grinding is the best option. With this in mind, here are some reasons why you should choose stump grinding.

1. Maintain the aesthetic look

Maintaining the beauty of your yard is one of the reasons to opt for stump grinding. If you overlook removing the stumps, then they decompose after some time. Moreover, the stumps occupy the space and ruin the visual appeal of the yard. But, as soon as you remove the stump, you can utilise the space so much better by planting shrubs or even build a bed of flowers. You may also think about a fire pit for cooking different kinds of cuisines.

2. Leads to less property damage

Tree stumps differ in different cases with regards to their sizes and shapes. Hence, when you opt for Brisbane tree lopping services, stump grinding is the precise and suitable method. Depending on the size of the stump, the expert may use different types of grinding machines. The grinders may either be as large as trucks or as small as a lawnmower. In the case that the stumps have a large diameter, then the expert uses a vertical stump grinder. While proceeding with the job, he may have to fix the grinder to an excavator or a tractor. This approach would actually lead to less damage and wouldn’t impact the growth of trees and plants in the surrounding region.

 3. A convenient and safe option

Mowing a lawn can be expensive if you are concerned about removing tree stumps. Moreover, if you think about mowing the area on your own, then it can damage the equipment. Such damage arises when the stumps fill-up the lowermost portion of the machine. So, to be on the safer side, it’s always better to grind the stumps steadily. If you hardly have the time to maintain the yard, then you could contact companies for tree lopping services.

4. Curbs growth of weeds

As time passes by, tree stumps can be a breeding ground for insects as well as weeds. Later, the situation may become worse because insects thrive on water and essential nutrients. This ultimately affects the plants which would wither away days ahead. But, if you plan to grind the stumps, then it can help to control the growth of weeds.


It’s always a good idea to hire an expert for destroying the tree stumps. Apart from the approach, the expert holds experience in clearing off landscapes. The machines that experts use are quite capable to clear off the stumps and help you maintain the area. Most of the time, the stump is turned into small wooden chips using a tungsten toothed disc. These chips can later serve as mulch to nourish the plants in the surroundings. So, if you’re finding it tough to maintain a yard in Australia, then you could avail tree services in Brisbane.

3 Important Tips to Protect Young Trees from Wind Damage

Trees may find it difficult to withstand several windstorms that take place all across the year. It becomes imperative to take measures that will help in protecting your trees from these violent storms. Not to mention, you want to protect your home as well from trees falling. You may obtain leading tree services to enhance the protection of your trees and your home.

Given below are some quick tips that will help you protect trees from wind damage:

1. Support stakes:

It may prove beneficial to install support stakes when you decide to plant a tree in your yard. The support stakes are available in metal and wood and you can select either of them for the utmost safety of your trees. Additionally, you need to use a robust yet soft fabric for tying the tree to each stake thus leaving a little room for it to move naturally in regular wind pressure. It is worth noting that when a tree maintains natural sway, it will lead to a powerful root system, robust trunk, and sturdy branches. Experts at tree removal Brisbane offer adequate protection to trees from dust and wind storms.

2. Right location:

If you are planting a sapling, location plays a vital role. You must always consider moving the sapling to such a location that offers natural protection from strong winds. In case you notice the wind blowing from east to west, planting your tree towards the west direction is ideal as it will not hamper the natural growth of the sapling and allow it to gain adequate strength over a period of time. Professionals at stump grinding Brisbane give tips about the correct location for planting saplings.

3. Opt for a cover:

You may think of using a cover for protecting your trees from wind damage. A large number of individuals assume that covers may only be beneficial for protecting trees from the cold. However, this is not true. Covers can also be used for protecting trees from wind, pests, excessive heat exposure and several other types of damage that the tree may sustain. It is important to note that while using a cover, you must place it over the top of the tree and stick it to the bottom around the tree’s trunk. After the wind has subsided, you may remove it so that the trees do not get deprived of any sunlight.


The above discussed three tips will enhance the healthy growth of trees and enhance their protection from windstorms. Leading tree removal service provides you with useful ideas for protecting trees from several natural calamities. If you still have more questions about the health of your trees, or how to keep them safe, contact TPS Tree Lopping today!

Identifying the Signs of 3 Common Tree Diseases

A healthy tree has emerged as a useful addition for your home as it can significantly enhance your house’s appeal. A hale and healthy tree appeals to the eyes as well. Professionals at tree lopping Brisbane have emphasised the significance of identifying common tree diseases. Being able to confidently identify such diseases will prove helpful in nipping the problem in the bud. It will not only help in saving the tree but also make your landscape look beautiful.

Described below are the three common tree diseases and tips to will help you identify them:

1. Fire blight:

The first signs of this particular disease are any of the branches and leaves looking as if they have been burned. In the disease, the leaves and blooms will all of a sudden begin to wilt or turn brownish or blackish in colour. It occurs due to bacteria that may become active and alert in warm and moist weather. And, rain, bees, along with infected pruning may aggravate the issue. You may get in touch with professionals at leading stump removal services and get these problems sorted.

2. Powdery mildew:

If you notice a powdery mildew establishing a white-coloured coating on leaves this is a sign of another disease known as Powdery Mildew. It occurs especially in dry and cloudy weather along with strong humidity. It is often caused due to one of the various fungi. Plants that grow in shaded places remain vulnerable to catch this issue. The leaves may take distorted shape thus appearing to be unsightly to the eyes. Subsequently, the infected leaves eventually turn yellowish in colour and fall down. This disease tends to occur in late fall when you witness small dots all over the white patches. It is important to tackle the issue once recognised or opt for complete tree removal. You may contact TPS Tree Lopping for all your tree removal needs. 

3. Leaf rust:

If you spot any orange, reddish, or gold spots on the surface of the leaves, the tree is grappling with rust. However, it does not have the capacity of killing the plant, but it may diminish the appearance of the leaves. Rust and fungus may weaken the plant and make the leaves unappealing. Rust may also interfere with the photosynthesis process through which plants make food.


If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems, call leading tree stump removal services.

5 Alternative Tree Stump Removal Options

There are many reasons why it’s essential to remove a stump. You may come across many suggestions, but the technique may not work for all kinds of stumps. Over a period of time, you may also get confused even when you are thinking about an effective approach. You may not agree to the advice when you check out lawn care forums. So, apart from removing a stump using a tree grinder, let’s go through some other possible ways.

1. Allow the stump to rot away

When you observe a stump, you may just ignore the fact of grinding it. As you let it rot naturally, you would never have to think about any other method. However, it takes a very long time for the stump to decompose under natural air. In fact, it may take as much as 10 to 15 years until the stump has decomposed completely and while waiting for it to rot, it poses danger to you and your families safety, not to mention welcomes many unwanted insects into your yard.

2. Use chemicals for decomposition

When you think about using chemicals for stump decomposition, you initially need to drill holes in the stump and fill the holes with some kind of chemical. Once the chemical seeps inside the wood, it helps to accelerate the rotting process. Ideally, it’s better to use a powder which contains more percentage of nitrogen. But, for speeding up the process, the stump should be dead before the holes are filled with the powder. If you choose to proceed with this method, the cost is less than the traditional stump grinding prices. But again it will take some time and you will need extra effort to completely remove the remaining stump.

3. Burn the stump completely

Burning the stump is one of the methods that people often recommend. But, when you wish to move on with such an approach, you need to ensure the stump is dry and dead and that you can safety contain the fire. Besides, when the stump is lit, the fire should support the burning process right to the bottom. Apart from everything else, this method is quite inexpensive.

4. Pull the stump from the ground

If you’re concerned about the tree stump removal cost, then you could pull the stump out manually. If the stump is quite large, you can pull the stump using tools. You may also tie the stump to a truck with a chain that would aid for the steady removal of the stump. On the other hand, you can use a tow strap if it may be tough to remove the stump. Initially, you need to start off with gentle jerks and move on with violet jerks.

5. Grind the stump entirely

If you’re seeking to remove the stump swiftly, then you could remove it using a stump grinder. Since you would require the tool for some time, you can rent it from a hardware store. It’s always a good idea to approach a professional if you find stump removal seems a bit tedious.


Finally, with the methods mentioned above, you should choose a technique that’s cost-effective and takes less time. We highly recommend hiring professionals for stump grinding, as stump grinding is the best option when you want a perfect result. Do hire an expert who has the requisite skills for removing stumps. Approaching a company for stump removal Brisbane may also help you out for clearing off the region in less time.

5 Ideas for your Tree after its Removal

As you admire the beauty of your front or backyard, you really build a connection with your trees and plants which for some can be significant in your life. But, the real truth is, just like humans, trees don’t live forever. So, when it’s time to bid farewell to a tree, even though it may be hard it is crucial that you remove them completely from your yard. At that instance, you may need to approach an expert who can help you out with tree felling.

1. Think about planting a new tree

You may feel sad about parting ways with an old tree, but, whatever the situation, you can always plant another tree to preserve the beauty. It’s better not to plant a new tree at the same location and if you still wish to plant a tree of the same species, then you need to check for the growing conditions.

2. Grind the tree for mulch

As you use tree loppers for your tree removal, you may also consider grinding the tree parts up for wooden chips – which can serve as mulch. After some time, you will be able to notice the difference this mulch will have on your other trees, which in the end, is a really useful and resourceful result of tree removal.

3. Create something unique

If you’re more on the creative side, a unique way to utilise a dead tree is through creating beautiful wooden artefacts for your home. For example, you may consider chiseling a large branch to use as a handrail or even building a mini coffee table out of the trunk. These ideas are certainly more suited to those with a knack for construction, but anyone can give it a go. And, if you want to make something creative but don’t quite have the skills, think about smaller things such as coasters!

4. Transform the trunk into stepping stones

Once you’ve slashed off the trunk and its lowermost portion with a stump grinder, you might consider turning the trunk into flat stepping stones. For an even more more mesmerising effect, you can also paint the stones in different colours.

5. Make showpieces to garner attention

In case you lack the time to make artefacts, you could simply cut off a wooden plank and engrave your family name into it. This could make a lovely garden piece amongst a flower bed.


Contact an expert right away if you are unable to cut down trees in your backyard. Ensure that you always find out the tree removal cost prior to officially hiring your chosen arborist.

5 Factors to Consider When Removing Tree Stump

Tree stumps may cause irreparable harm to those living around them. Stumps not only look unappealing but can also impact the value of your property. If you have been messing about with cutting down a tree, you must contact tree lopping services nearby to get rid of the stump. You may need to remove a tree from your backyard for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, the branches of the tree stoop so low that it may cause injury to the inhabitants. The necessity of removing a tree also arises out of bad weather that may cause the branches to fall on people and cause fatal injuries.

Here are some factors that you should consider prior to removing the tree stump from your yard:

1. Rotten branches:

If you spot branches on the tree beginning to rot, you must hire a professional to remove the rotten branches immediately. Avoid carrying out such tasks on your own as you may sustain injuries I doing so. You also need to ensure that you do not chop branches from extreme heights by yourself, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

2. Environmental ramifications:

You must also pay heed to the possible repercussions that may arise due to stump removal. Trees are quite important for your environment and keeping the air clean. Trees prevent erosion of soil and offer a natural habitation for wildlife. You must secure an arborist’s report as well prior to seeking the services of Brisbane tree lopping.

3. Electricity dangers:

When you decide to remove a tree, there is a risk of electrocution or fire which may occur specifically when the branches of the tree contact the live wire at your property. The injury may not only prove to be serious but at times fatal. The entire neighborhood may face risk due to sudden fire.

4. Rotten wood:

The tree in your backyard may appear to be robust for you to climb on it. However, there may be a possibility that it is rotting from the inside. It becomes imperative to hire a professional who can effectively supervise the scenario. They will begin by assessing the strength of the tree to find out if it is safe to climb on which will help in preventing any unforeseen incidents.


You must assess all the above 5 factors before you decide to remove the stump. Many individuals living in Australia always try to find out how to remove a tree stump and do not get the desired results. This post strives to answer all of your apprehensions and doubts regarding eliminating the tree stump. So, boost the value of your property by removing that ugly stump from your yard after checking all the aforementioned factors.

Why You Should Always Remove Old Tree Stumps from Your Yard

You may find tree stumps to be harmless at first glance. However, it is imperative to get them removed from your yard at your earliest convenience. They have the potential to emerge as a serious safety hazard just like a dead tree that may fall anytime. These stumps may become a source of not one problem but several problems. However, if you still remain attached to your tree stumps, Brisbane tree services have the following reasons for you to remove them:

Old Stumps are a Safety Hazard:

When you are planning to convert your house into a child-friendly zone, you cannot allow the existence of a stump. If you have a small child who loves to run all over the yard and garden area in your home, the stump may become a major obstacle. It may not let your little one/s enjoy the space but instead restrict them. Not to mention, you might constantly worry about the stump and your child.

Stumps Vs Mower:

Stumps may not only prove to be damaging for your lawnmower but also make the task of mowing tougher. When you have tree stumps in your yard, removing weeds may become a complete nuisance. Tree services Brisbane can help in removing tree stumps effectively.

Stumps May Lead to New Trees’ Growth:

When you have a tree stump, it may contribute to the growth of other trees nearby, which for some people may appear as a positive, however, it is important to have control over the type of trees in your yard. Some trees can be pests and others can grow far too tall or wide. Not to mention, it may become tougher to remove nearby trees as they may establish their roots and, these roots may sprout back again after getting removed. You may require some expensive chemicals to get them killed entirely. Additionally, the growth of trees may also consume essential nutrients meant for other plants.


There are various vital reasons for removing stumps from your yard. Tree lopping in Brisbane Southside provides services to eliminate stumps from your yard. Don’t forget leaving stumps inside your yard will also attract harmful insects and any decaying stumps may also become a perfect home for the insects that may ultimately enter your home.

5 Questions You Should Ask an Arborist When Hiring

Before you allow someone on your property, it is essential to find out if that person is reliable or not. And, it becomes even more important when it comes to dealing with your trees. You want to ensure that the arborist whom you are hiring is fully aware of your expectations and the standard at which they need to provide. Experts at tree lopping Brisbane say that an arborist should be equipped with the right equipment to complete any tree project, should be able to ask any questions regarding your yard and trees.

Here are some of the vital questions that you must never miss asking the arborist before hiring them for your tree project:

1. Are They Insured?

It is of paramount importance to appoint a tree service company that is completely insured. You must be aware that tree care is a hazardous job therefore you must ensure that the arborist/s you hire have liability insurance in case of any unforeseen situations or injuries. An ideal company takes good care of its employees as much as their clients, which includes proper insurance.

2. Ask for a Quote

You should ask your arborist for a quote, prior to employment. This way you can let the professional assess the damage first and compare between different companies.

3. What Are Their Credentials?

You must ask the tree care experts for their certifications as any person you hire for such a job must be thoroughly accredited to carry out the task. If they display any unwillingness to show you their credentials, it is an indication that they could be hiding something. After all, you need someone who can execute the task of stump removal to absolute perfection.

4. Experience

Although not crucial, it is always ideal to hire someone who has experienced a similar task before. Therefore they have some experience in that particular area.

5. Good Reputation

You should also ensure that the company you plan to hire has a strong reputation in the surrounding areas. If you do not trust online reviews, you may seek references from your friends and neighbours who just got their trees removed.


You should finalise the arborists only after confirming the above described five points. Tree stump removal is a delicate job and only an experienced professional will be able to execute the task effectively. Just because a person is good at removing trees, this doesn’t qualify them. TPS Tree Lopping is the company you need!

5 Helpful Tips to Prevent Termites on Your Property after Tree Removal

When you get a tree removed from your yard, it often leaves behind a stump and, the stump may soon become a feeding ground for termites. Professionals at tree removal Brisbane say that harmful insects love to thrive on wooden material. And in a matter of a few days, they make the stump their home, inviting many problems for you. You can’t avoid tree removal, but you can avoid termites as a result of it!

Described below are the 5 helpful tips that will help you prevent termites after tree removal:

1. Get rid of deadwood and other wreckages:

Eliminate all the wood that has emerged as the major source of food for termites. If you spot decaying tree stumps, you must remove them. Termites also tend to make dead trees their homes as well, so remove dead trees as well as stumps. If you notice any wood debris in your backyard, you need to ensure a swift disposal – if you have firewood, make sure you store it off the ground and away from your home.

2. Keep plants and vegetation away from your property:

Plants help in boosting the beauty of your home but they also invite termites in with doors wide open. If you want to prevent termites, make sure you bring down the number of plants from your house. If you feel plants to be an indispensable part of your life, keep them a few feet away from your home. If you are keen to keep plants near your property’s base, prefer to use planters or window boxes manufactured from combined materials. You may choose to seek a tree removal service to eliminate termites.

3. Avoid using mulch near your home:

People often use mulch in the form of ground cover near flower beds as it can significantly preserve moisture. But, at the same time, it also attracts termites. To make things easy – because mulch is an important part of most peoples gardening process – just position plants a few feet away from your property so that you don’t have to use mulch so close to your house.

4. Eliminate moisture:

You should always limit moisture around your house as it is yet another major source of termites. Tree cutting service helps you get rid of termites. You consider using downpipe extenders to keep rainwater away from your home.

5. Trim your shrubs and trees:

If your house is surrounded by shrubs or trees, consider trimming them consistently; trim them back at least 3 to 4 feet away from your home.


The above detailed 5 tips will help you prevent the entry of termites to your property. Stump grinding in Brisbane suggests that water features like ponds and fountains must be regularly cleaned, although not as common can be another source of termites. Use the above tips to say good-bye to termites!