4 Best Trees to Plant to Bring Birds to Your Property

Watching curious birds flutter around your yard can be interesting and enjoyable. You can admire these lovely creatures from afar as they fly around the trees to eat or perch on a branch to sing a tune. All bird lovers know that hanging a bird feeder or setting a birdbath are great ways to bring these feathered friends to your yard.

But did you know trees can also do the trick? A bird-friendly landscape with suitable trees will attract a wide variety of birds to your property. The right trees can meet all of the birds’ needs for food, water, shelter, and nesting sites. However, you also need to hire the best tree service to ensure the trees are cared to keep attracting these essential creatures.

So, what trees bring birds to your property? Here are the best trees that can create bird-friendly landscaping.

1. Red Mulberry

A Red Mulberry is a medium-sized deciduous tree that produces mulberry fruits that reach maturity in summer. Mulberries look similar to blackberries, but they are longer. Many wild birds eat mulberries, and they will eat the fruit even when it stays on the tree long past its peak ripeness. Red Mulberry trees also attract insects with their nectar-rich flowers. The bugs provide food for birds that usually only eat insects in the summer. This tree is so effective in feeding wild birds that many enthusiasts plant it for the sole purpose of attracting birds.

2. White Oak

A White Oak is a large deciduous tree that plays host to many species of caterpillars and other insects. These bugs make the White Oak a very popular foraging spot for insectivorous birds. Also, White Oaks produce acorns in the fall and attract birds that eat acorns. The White Oak is also a popular nesting location for many birds because of the broad foliage and many cavities.

3. Eastern Red Cedar

The Eastern Red Cedar is a large coniferous tree. The tree is an evergreen and has stiff, needle-like leaves which stay on the tree all year round. The needles make the Eastern Red Cedar essential for winter shelter for birds. The birds shelter in these trees in poor weather conditions like cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. In addition, birds feed on seeds from the cones of the Eastern Red Cedar.

4. Pines

Pines are large deciduous trees. Because of their massive size, it’s a favorite spot for many birds. It offers shelter and seed-filled cones. Some birds appear to spend a majority of their time in or around Pine trees. Because of their large size, a tree service from a professional may be required if you decide to remove the tree or need to have it trimmed. Tree stumpremovalmay alsobe necessary to prevent tripping hazards.

If you plant the right trees to bring birds to your property, ensure your trees are healthy and safe. When trees look dead, lean precariously, or are too near power lines or structures, it often makes sense is to remove them. You can also choose to remove the stumps at the same time. A professionaltree service will remove the trees safely and in a way that least impacts the surrounding area. Hiring a professional reduces the potential for personal injury or property damage.


For tree removal Brisbane, work with professionals to make your yard perfect for birds and people. AT TPS tree Lopping, our mission is to provide you with exceptional services and an overall friendly and helpful experience that sets us apart from the competition. We own state-of-the-art equipment and have incredibly skilled arborists. These highlights help us to give you superior services and an excellent experience from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more.

Top 2 Worst Trees to Plant in Your Yard

We love trees because they improvethe curb appeal of every home. Trees provide shade and plenty of visual interest. Trees are also habitats for our feathery neighbours and are good for the environment.

Choosing suitable trees to plant in your yard may seem like a matter of tastes and preferences. However, planting the right trees in your yard requires time and research. Many homeowners only consider a tree’s ability to provide shade and coolness during the hot seasons. But there are other essential aspects to consider.

Even if you plan to involve the best tree service to maintain and improve your yard, some tree species are more trouble to your yard than they are worth.Here are two types of trees you don’t want to plant in your yard.

1.   Sycamore

Sycamores are not ideal for planting in your yard despite their elegant structure and attractive appearance. The issue with Sycamores is that they grow to great heights. Their height causes the trees to become a danger to the surroundings. Sycamores also have a high risk of becoming diseased and weakened. You don’t want a tree of that height toppling on your roof. Removing diseased and overgrown Sycamore trees should be handled by tree service professionals. The experts will ensure your trees don’t cause expensive property damage.

2.   Bradford Pear

The Bradford Pear offers a decent amount of shade in a short period because it rapidly grows tall. Because homeowners don’t have to wait long for it to grow, many think the tree to be an optimal addition to their yard. However, during windy and stormy conditions, the quick growth makes this tree a hazard. The branches are weak, and they can easily snap, causing damage. To prevent the branches from splitting, you have to prune the tree frequently. Also, the white flowers that adorn this tree are beautiful, but they have a pungent odour.

If you had already planted a Sycamore or Bradford Pear in your yard,tree stump removal might be your best option.

We have looked at the trees may not be ideal backyard trees, but don’t let this dampen your enthusiasm for planting trees. There are many wonderful trees you can choose to beautify and improve your yard. Here are some essential factors to bear in mind when selecting a tree for your yard.

  • Messy Trees

Everyone expects to rake up leaves from deciduous trees. But fruits, berries, or seeds might surprise you with the huge mess they make in your yard each year.

  • Weak Tree Prone to Damage

Some trees are very vulnerable to wind damage or injury from heavy snow and ice because they are brittle. In addition, some of the trees are susceptible to borers which makes the wood weak and prone to damage.

  • Risks of Pests and Diseases

Some trees are more at risk of being impacted by local pests and diseases. It can be beneficial to research common issues with any tree you are considering adding to your yard.

  • Some Tree Species Causes Allergies

The pollen produced by certain trees may aggravate the allergies of you or your family. Trees that flower in the spring can sometimes cause allergies to act up seasonally.

  • Some Trees Have Deep, Strong Roots

The roots can damage the foundation of your house. The deep roots may also threaten your water mains or septic tanks.

  • Some Trees Grow Sky-High

Some trees pose a serious risk because of the heights they reach. Branches may topple or fall in bad weather or if the tree gets a disease.


TPS Tree Lopping will meet your tree removal Brisbane needs. We are qualified and have the experience required to complete the job safely and professionally. We pride ourselves on expert services, timeliness, and leaving your yard tidy at the end of the job. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

What You Need to Know About Stump Grinding and How Stump Grinding Works

Trees sometimes need to be cut down due to diseases that damage or kill the plant. However, leaving tree stumps can pose a danger to children. Also, decaying tree stumps harbour diseases and fungus that can spread to your yard and other ornamental shrubs. Instead, homeowners should hire stump grinding Brisbane to get rid of the stump.

Stump grinding uses powerful machines to remove the whole tree stump. Brisbane tree services will eliminate the stump by reducing it to small wood chips. Let’s look at more information about stump grinding.

Is it Better to Grind a Stump or Remove It?

Stump grinding and stump removal each come with pros and cons. Choosing the best approach depends on yourplans for your landscape.

Stump removal is more intrusive than stump grinding. Consider that stump removal will involve heaving up the bulky tree stump, then digging out the widespread tree roots. Stump removal takes a lot of time and effort, while stump grinding in Brisbane is often less of a hassle.

Stump grinding is a much less intensive process.An arborist at Brisbane tree lopping will use a machine to shred the tree stump into small woodchips. Stump grinding machines come in different sizes.No matter the size of the tree stump, a professional Brisbane tree cutting company can use the appropriate stump grinder and get rid of the stump quickly.

If you are unsure whether stump removal or stump grinding is best for you, contact Brisbane tree services for professional advice.

Will Stump Grinding Help to Get Rid of Tree Roots?

Stump grinding only removes the visible part of the tree stump. After a tree service company carries out the stump grinding, the widespread roots will decay naturally. However, the roots might take up to 10 years to decompose completely.

How Will Stump Grinding Affect My Yard?

Stump grinding does not involve extensive digging compared to stump removal. With stump grinding, your lawn will not be destroyed, and you don’t have to do as much filling with soil. Stump removal involves more digging, which means your yard will be covered with dirt. Besides, the process can damage the roots of other trees and plants in your yard. After the professionals remove the stump and roots, you need to fill the holes left behind. With stump grinding, you only have the small wood chips take care of, leaving your lawn clean.

How Long will Stump Grinding Take?

Stump grinding can take between 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the size of the stump, its location, and the stump grinder in use. A professional stump grinding Brisbane company uses high-quality stump grinders to ensure fast and efficient services.


Stump grinding is the recommended approach for getting rid of tree stumps. It is faster and less invasive compared to other methods. For professional-grade tree services in Brisbane, contact us today.

Top 5 Best Trees to Grow Residentially in Queensland

Growing trees in your yard can be a rewarding experience. However, some people think growing trees will involve a lot of work maintenance and fear it will be a daunting endeavour. To enjoy healthy trees, you do need to take care of them. To make the job easier, a professional tree servicein Brisbane will keep your trees trimmed and in good shape.

When choosing the right trees for your yard, you need to consider the climate, branch drop, leaf litter, and other factors. What are the best trees for a residential yard in Queensland?

In this post, we’ll look at five great trees for residential gardens in Queensland.

1. Tibouchina Lepidota

The medium-sized ornamental tree is native to South America. They grow in a diverse climate and do well in Queensland, requiring minimal maintenance to stay healthy. The shrub has royal purple flowers and is perfect for your yard. Tibouchinalepidota shrubs grow quickly and are among the few pest-resistantand disease-resistant shrubs for your yard. However, to keep the tree looking attractive year-round, consult a tree service near you for proper care suggestions.

2. Elaeocarpus Eumundi

Featuring stunning bronze leaves and an elegant shape, Elaocarpuseumundi is another great tree for your yard. The smooth-leaved plant is a very popular street tree that responds well and requires minimal maintenance to thrive. The tree can grow up to 25 metres in the wild, but the recommended height for residential yards is 10 metres. To flourish, grow the tree in areas where the soil drains moisture well. It is attractive to birds that eat nectar and seeds.

3. Magnolia Grandiflora

Gardeners often refer to this fast-growing and evergreen tree as the“Little Gem.” Magnoliasare popular to grow along hedges or in containers. They are widely sought after for the shapeand beautiful white flowers. The shade-tolerant tree requires well-drained soil and should be watered appropriately in the dry seasons. The plant is more free flowering and features darker leaves.

4. Pyrus Calleryana

Pyrus calleryana is also known as the Callery pear. It is native to China and Vietnam and is a dense anddeciduous tree suitable for residential yards. The ornamental plant features strong vertical limbs that broaden gradually as the tree grows. Pyrus calleryana is ideal for growing near buildings because it has small, shallow roots yet provides ample shade. The tree is low maintenance and thrives in well-drained and fertile areas. In autumn, its leaves turn to rich purple and form large clusters of creamy white flowers.

5. Japanese Maple

Japanese maplesarethe perfect plants to set in a large container. Theycan be an attractive decorative plant in your yard. For Japanese maples to flourish, ensure it is grown where there is the proper amount of light. Remember that too much light will damage the delicate leaves. They come in many colours and can add variety to your yard.

We have looked at some of the best trees to grow in your Queensland residential yard. For the plants to flourish, ensure you provide adequate water, fertilizer,and drainage. When it comes to tree maintenance, tree service in Brisbane will provide the proper maintenance routine. Also, hire Brisbane tree cutting service for damage-free tree pruning and stump grinding Brisbane.

4 Common Reasons for Tree Removal

Keeping trees on our properties is important for the environment. However, tree removal is sometimes necessary to protect other trees in the yard and the building structures on the property. For that reason, the ultimate tree service provider in Brisbane – TPS Tree Lopping – has decided to help you understand when you need to seek a professional tree removal service.

Common Reasons for Tree Removal

  1. Hazardous Trees

One of the major reasons for tree removal is danger. In other words, the tree is likely to fall and cause damage to the property and even put people at risk of injuries. Therefore, you need to look for signs and check all your trees. But, such signs may not be easily noticeable to the untrained eye, which is why you should ask for expert tree service. And, if you are in Brisbane, don’t hesitate and call TPS Tree Lopping to inspect your trees and offer further treatment, maintenance, or tree removal.

  1. Root Encroachment

Next on the list of the common reasons for seeking tree removal service is root encroachment. This has become a huge problem in urban areas where the yards get smaller and smaller, thus not leaving enough space for trees to grow properly. Some tree roots can grow up to four times the area of the crown meaning that roots grow outside your property and are likely to cause damage to existing structures and water pipes. In this case, your tree service provider should remove the tree and any surface roots, and the remaining roots that are deeper underground will eventually die and break down.

  1. Dead Trees

Similar to hazardous trees, a dead tree requires immediate tree removal because it’s only a matter of time before it will fall and pose danger to your family and home. When a tree is dying, it loses its strength and ability to withstand storms because the roots that keep the tree upright begin to die and after several years the 1-3 ton tree will be kept anchored by only a few inches of trunk. A heavy wind or prolonged rain periods will for sure break off branches or even bring the entire tree down and pose danger to your house and family members.

  1. Excessive Debris

Last but not least, people sometimes ask for tree removal service mainly because the tree drops excessive debris and tree leaves block up gutters and drains. If this debris is left uncleaned, it can cause water or plumbing damage. But that’s not all! If you are in the fire zone, gutters with leaves make your home become fuel for a fire and must be cleaned regularly because otherwise, your home can burn down in no time. To avoid this issue, call your tree service company to help you minimize leaf litter by pruning your trees.

Regardless of the reason for tree removal, TPS Tree Lopping is here to complete the job professionally. So, give them a call today!

4 Common Fungi which affect Trees and How to Treat Them

Even though it might not often cross your mind, trees get sick just like we do. Tree diseases can have many negative consequences on tree health including discoloration, impaired growth, poor canopy, and failure to thrive. If left untreated, diseased trees will eventually die.

Therefore, if you don’t want any dead trees in your garden, ensure you seek professional help from the number one Brisbane company offering the best tree service. Once you call, an experienced arborist will come and inspect your problem tree/s, look for disease signs, and provide a further treatment recommendation.

Now, let’s have a look at the most common tree diseases in Brisbane and how should they be treated:

Common Tree Diseases in Brisbane

  1. Myrtle Rust

According to many tree service companies in Brisbane, plants like Paperbark tree, Lilly Pilly, Bottlebrush tree, and Eucalyptus usually suffer from this fungal disease. Myrtle rust spreads quite fast and can be quite serious since it damages and attacks growing leaves and young stems, fruit, and flowers. If you have any of the above-mentioned plants, or some other from the Myrtaceae family, in your yard check whether they have purple spots with yellow spores. And, if they do, contact your tree service company asap.

  1. Anthracnose

Anthracnose is another disease that affects a great range of trees and plants so it is very likely that you will come across it at some point. It is characterized by sunken legions and holes in stems, flowers, and leaves, and is most likely to be found in damp and humid areas. Therefore, since the climate in Brisbane is pretty humid, anthracnose thrives. Just make sure you seek professional tree service help if you notice any signs of the disease.

  1. Cypress Canker

Here’s yet another fungal disease affecting Brisbane trees. If you notice that the branches on your trees have deep red cankers, then they suffer from Cypress canker. Unfortunately, this group of fungus spreads fast and once one branch gets infected, it turns yellow and spreads the disease to the other branches. If the entire tree gets infected, you should probably seek for tree removal service to avoid other trees getting infected with the same disease.

  1. Phellinus Noxius

This tree disease is also known as brown root rot and is another fungus disease affecting Brisbane trees. To be more specific, they infect the root and lead to root rotting and decay. After some time, the tree wouldn’t be able to get the water and nutrients needed because the roots won’t be able to pass them on. And, similar to the previous one, if your tree service provider concludes that your tree is infected by this fungus, they should probably perform both tree removal and stump removal.

The Bottom Line

It is of utmost importance that you seek immediate expert tree service help in case you notice any of the above-explained signs of these diseases. Since they all spread fast, timing is crucial. Thus, call TPS Tree Lopping today and arrange a professional tree inspection.

5 Warning Signs to Spot and Prevent Tree Hazards

A lush green garden full of mature trees and plants is a dream come true. We all love greenery and areas full of trees. But if the tree gets sick and catches a disease, it is not only painful but also dangerous. It can fall over or drop heavy branches if not taken care of. You can call professional stump removal Brisbane to take care of such a situation.

Discussed below are the five warning signs to look out for:

1. Leaf Changes

Changes in the leaves of a tree without any seasonal change is the biggest warning sign to look out for. If you see that your tree is losing leaves, look closer to discover what is wrong with it. Similarly, dying or discolouration can also be a sign of your tree in distress. Your tree can experience unexplained leaf issues for various reasons such as pest infection or root issues. If you see any such problem, start taking good care of your tree and call for professional help right away.

2. Dead or Broken Branches

If you see dead, damaged, broken, or hanging branches on your trees, it means that something is wrong. Depending on the size of the branch it may need to be removed. Many times big and long branches fall off and cause injury or damage. Another reason why you should remove any dead or damaged branches is that it puts the tree in a vulnerable position as it is more susceptible to pest invasion or certain diseases. It is good to call for a professional tree grinder to remove the branch.

3. Structural Issues

Many times a tree might look healthy but that does not necessarily mean that the tree is safe. Sometimes the tree might have some structural issues like the top has become too heavy and is prone to falling over. Incorrect pruning can cause such problems. Make sure you properly prune your tree to help it remain healthy.

4. Trunk Changes

You should always look out for any cracks or changes in the trunk of a tree. Small cracks are harmless but can develop into bigger cracks which are the signs of structural instability, trunk weakness, or root rot. Try to examine the trunk and if the situation calls for tree felling, do it right away to avoid any dangerous situation.

5. Root Issues

We all know that the root system is crucial for a tree to be healthy and stay alive. It not only provides stability to the tree but also helps to transport nutrients from the soil to other parts of the tree. You must check for any problems near the base of the tree. Mushrooms growing can be a sign to look out for. If the roots are affected, the tree is susceptible to falling over. If it looks sick call for help as the Tree stump removal cost is quite affordable.

Look out for the warning signs and take good care of your trees.

stump removal

Never Overlook These Backyard Tree Diseases and Pests That Are Very Common in Brisbane

Do you know trees can also get sick and suffer from different diseases and pests? Just like any living creature, trees, too, are prone to pests and other problems. We might not think about it but leaving trees without care can lead them to look terrible and weak. Many tree diseases are also contagious, plants around that particular tree will also be affected and you have to call for tree lopping services. So, here are some common diseases to look out for:

Brown Root or Rotten Root

One of the most common diseases found in the trees is root rot. This is caused by a type of fungus that lives in the soil. Once it spreads, root rot causes the root to decompose and stops the transportation of nutrients and water from the roots to other parts of the tree. As soon as you detect root rot, it is very important to treat it otherwise it can lead to the death of the tree. For help call the Brisbane tree lopping service.

Symptoms of root rot:

  • Drooping of leaves
  • Roots turning mushy and brown in colour

Myrtle Rust

This is another disease caused by fungus and considered one of the serious diseases in trees. This type of fungal infection attacks plants from the Myrtaceae family which includes pohutukawa, eucalyptus, and feijoa trees. Myrtle rust often attacks leaves, young stems, fruit, and flowers. It is also spread by animals and insects.

Symptoms of myrtle root:

  • Purplish spots on the leaves with bright yellow spores forming into pustules

Cypress Canker

This type of fungal disease kills the branches of the tress very quickly and spreads almost overnight. When taking care of the trees, try to inspect them carefully before it is too late. If caught early, you might be able to save your tree by removing the affected areas. For assistance, you should go to a professional tree and stump removal service provider near you.

Symptoms of cypress canker:

  • Branches will become weak and change colour
  • Bark will become yellow and release spores causing further infection


This type of fungus can affect a variety of plants including trees. During the rainy season, the fungus becomes predominant and spread very quickly as it in warm, humid areas.

Symptoms of Anthracnose:

  • Sunken lesions, spots, and holes on the leaves, fruit, flowers, and stems
  • Significant amounts of defoliation


There are a large number of pests found in Brisbane. These pests can lay eggs inside of trees and the small larvae feed on the trees leave them weak.


  • Swelling of tree bark
  • Ripped leaves
  • Leaking sapling
  • Defoliation

Bottom Line

If you want your trees to be healthy, make sure you take care of them properly by noticing small changes and symptoms. If you need to remove any tree, always call for professional help as stump grinding prices can be affordable.

Effective tips that will help you maintain tree for life

The significance of planting trees is highest in the current situation when global warming has threatened the existence of several species. When we plant more trees, we can expect to lead a healthy life as plants release oxygen and absorb the CO2 from the environment. You can get in touch with tree services Brisbane to grow the right plants that can thrive and grow healthily. Trees can improve the beauty of a property significantly and enhance its value in the long run. Trees also give you the privacy that you desire apart from providing shade and serenity.

Given below are some tips that will help you maintain them:

1. Choose the right tree for your property

If you want your plants to be in a healthy condition, it is necessary to choose the right plants for the right place. This also includes considerations like how tall and wide the tree may grow to when it attains full maturity. You should also consider the shape of the tree according to your property and if the tree you select will lose leaves during the autumn season. You don’t want to miss the benefits that the tree will offer like shade, fresh oxygen, and a rise in your property’s value. Many people plant new trees ignoring these aspects and later end up regretting their decision. You must invest time to learn about the trees that you decide to plant. You can hire tree services Brisbane Southside to plant the best tree for your property.

2. Do not overwater trees

It is necessary for you to not overwater the trees. Sometimes people tend to water trees that are already so wet. They may end up killing the trees. If you find a tree struggling to survive it may be because either the soil is too wet or too dry. You may check with your hand to find whether the tree needs water or not. Touch the soil and if it sticks to your hand, it does not need water. If the soil is dry, it will not stick to your hand. If your tree has died, removing tree stumps requires careful considerations and you should hire professionals for the job to minimise risk factors.

3. Improve the soil

It is necessary to improve the quality of soil as it will help the plant survive. If it is clay soil, you can add some gypsum that will help in boosting the structure of soil and drainage. You should also add effectively rotted compost that will offer organic matter. Compost is significant for sandy soils because it helps in holding moisture around the trees’ roots. You must also add some good quality fertilizer to all soils because it will help in feeding your plants and enhancing growth.


The aforementioned tips will help you grow plants and maintain them for life. If you are trying to search how to remove a tree stump, you may get in touch with experts available online. Planting trees should be a must for every individual. Trees are significant in helping you mitigate climate changes. You should also think of adding mulch after improving the soil. Mulch can effectively lock in the moisture and deter the unwanted weeds. If you are a working individual, you may also invest in plants that will not need a lot of water and grow naturally.

3 Important Tips to Prepare for Tree Removal

If you are thinking of removing a tree from your backyard, you need to plan carefully. You can hire stump grinding Brisbane professionals for the job. When you decide to bring down your tree on your own, you may sustain injuries.  This is the main reason why hiring a professional is preferred. Tree removal becomes necessary when its poses risk to you and your family members. The process of getting rid of your tree should be smooth and free from any risk.

Here is how you can prepare yourself for tree removal:

1. Find the condition of the tree

It becomes imperative to discover the condition of the tree. This will help you find out how much time and effort the entire procedure require. If the tree is healthy, its roots will be spread deeply and you will need a powerful tool and more time to bring it down. Meanwhile, weaker trees will take less time in removal as the roots are not that solid. You can try hitting at the tree’s bark and listening for a hollow sound. It will help you asses the condition of the tree. You should also seek a leading tree removal service for the job.

2. Yard cleaning

It is necessary to clear the yard before you take up the task of tree removal. It will help in accommodating the falling tree. Therefore, anything that can be moved should be removed from the site. The team of experts will decide on an appropriate working area for dropping and cutting the tree. Also, the cleaning must be ideally double the height of the tree. If that’s not possible, the tree should be cut into parts. The tree cutting service will decide two escape routes. The first one will provide an exit when the tree falls in a planned direction. Meanwhile, the second one will offer an exit route if the tree falls in an unplanned direction.

3. Equipment preparation

You will come across many useful tools and protective gear when you decide to remove your tree from the backyard. The tools and equipment may include a chainsaw, axe, rope, helmet, gloves, and protective glasses among others. If you are planning to hire professionals, they will organise a pre-run check of their equipment. This will help in identifying any faulty equipment before the work on the tree begins. Also, the pre-run is useful in eliminating any risk of accidents as a result of damaged equipment.


The above tips will help you prepare to eliminate your tree from your garden in a hassle-free manner. You can get in touch with Brisbane tree services if you are planning to bring down your tree. Also, you should not wait to cut a tree when it grows old or when you plan to construct something. You might opt to bring down the tree so that it won’t be victim to changing weather conditions or heavy storms. It is necessary to hire professional arborists to identify the condition of your trees regularly.