Tree Lopping in Brisbane

There’s no doubt that trees provide us with numerous benefits from providing shade on a hot day, greenery beautifying our landscape and boosting mood, to providing us with the much-needed oxygen. So, it’s no wonder why we all love having trees in our backyards, especially in the beautiful Brisbane climate allowing us to spend quite a lot of time outdoors.

However, your task as a homeowner is to ensure proper tree care. The truth is, tree care is vital for keeping trees healthy, supporting your garden’s ecosystem, as well as, ensuring the safety of your property. So, that’s when you should hire professional tree loppers, especially for maintaining large trees. An experienced arborist will provide a risk assessment and determine whether your trees need pruning, lopping, or stump removal.

That said, if you are looking for expert tree loppers in Brisbane, look no further than TPS (Trees, Palms, and Stumps)Tree Lopping – the leading arborists in the area offering specialist tree service including:

  • Tree and Palm Removal – If there’s any unwanted, damaged, or unhealthy tree on your property, our skilled arborists can both efficiently and safely remove the tree, even in confined spaces.
  • Tree and Palm Lopping – Regardless of the type of property, a home, a development site, or a commercial property, our highly qualified tree loppers are just a call away. Their experience and equipment allow them to provide the utmost tree and palm lopping services.
  • Wood Chipping – As our company is environmentally-friendly, we won’t let you dispose of your tree and plant waste to landfill. Instead, our expert tree loppers will come to your property, use up-to-date mobile wood chipping equipment and turn your green waste into mulch.
  • Pruning and Shaping – As already mentioned, our arborists can provide you with expert advice to ensure your trees are healthy and safe. To achieve this, they may provide expert pruning and shaping services that prevent further issues and meet Australian Standards.
  • Stump Grinding – In case of necessary tree removal, you don’t want the stump to be left out and impair the aesthetics of your garden. That’s when our highly efficient and cost-effective stump grinding services come in handy.
  • Emergency and Insurance work – Sadly but true, Queensland often suffers from stormy weather resulting in great damage especially if there are old or unhealthy trees on a property. Luckily, our expert tree loppers provide a genuine 24/7 emergency tree service across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. And, they will not only remove the tree but also deal with your insurance company.

The bottom line, we can conclude that TPS Tree Lopping is the go-to company when it comes to tree service. There’s literary nothing they aren’t able to help you with. From on-site inspections and free competitive quotes to after-hours service for emergencies, we are certainly the leading tree loppers in the Brisbane area.

So, call us today and get:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 100% property safety guaranteed
  • Full insurance cover for your total peace of mind
  • No hidden fees
  • All work will be completed with the minimum of disruption to you and your neighbours

Stump Removal and Why It Is Important

Sometimes a tree, especially an old or diseased one, may fall down on its own. On the other hand, expert tree removal may also be needed sometimes due to compromised safety or other reasons. No matter the situation, property owners usually forget about the stump that’s left behind. However, although you may not mind having a stump on your land, expert tree loppers, like TPS Tree Lopping, emphasise the importance of stump removal.

Whit this in mind, continue reading to find out why is stump removal so important:

Top 5 Reasons for Stump Removal

  1. Tree Stumps are Unattractive

First and foremost, no one would ever say ‘Wow, that tree stump in your backyard looks so lovely, wouldn’t they?’ In other words, tree stumps only make your property unappealing and decrease the curb appeal of your home. And, if you wait for a couple of years, you will end up having a rotten mess in your yard.

  1. Tree Stumps are Hazardous

This may sound silly, but according to tree loppers specialists, having tree stumps left on your property can be dangerous for children and visitors, especially for those who don’t know that there’s a stump. Put shortly, stumps are a tripping hazard and can cause injuries. What’s more, if you accidentally hit the stump with your mower, it may need costly repairs.

  1. Tree Stumps Attract Insects

As already mentioned, if you leave a tree stump on your property, it will rot and decay in only a few years. Once decayed, it will attract termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and other pests and vermin. Eventually, these may negatively affect the health of your other trees as well as building structures.

  1. Tree Stumps Encourage Re-Growth

Another reason why stump removal is vital after cutting down a tree is to prevent the stump from encouraging re-growth. If this happens, the roots will continue to grow and may eventually destroy your yard, cement, or sewer lines. Plus, the new growth will take nutrients from other plants or grass, thus causing the lawn or other surrounding plant life to suffer.

  1. Tree Stumps Harbor Disease

Last but not least, one of the most common reasons to cut down a tree is a disease. Hence, if a tree has been damaged or killed by disease, the best solution is to remove it. But, if you forget about stump removal, the stump can harbor disease or fungus which may be spread to surrounding trees and plants and destroy your yard completely.

That said, professional tree loppers encourage stump grinding and removal of the entire root system supporting it. But, as specific heavy machinery is required to get the job done successfully, you have to hire an experienced and professional company offering stump removal services, like TPS Tree Lopping.

So, contact us today to increase the safety of your property and eliminate liability issues to be able to enjoy an aesthetically appealing backyard.

Everything You Need to Know about Tree Lopping

There’s no doubt that trees are a key part of our ecosystem. Indeed, tree planting increases carbon storage, wildlife habitat, and property value, while also reducing stormwater runoff and erosion. Plus, there are numerous other benefits. However, if poorly maintained, they can be hazardous to the property and those who live on it. To avoid damage and potential injuries, property owners should hire tree lopping Brisbane service providers to maintain their trees appropriately.

What is tree lopping exactly? How does it keep your home safe? Read on to find the answers. The leading tree service provider in Brisbane and the Gold Coast – TPS Tree Lopping – has you covered, providing the information needed to understand tree lopping Brisbane.

What is tree lopping?

According to expert tree loppers, it is the practice of removing the branches, usually from the top part of a tree, to achieve a desired form or other results like less shade and more light. For instance, you may want to have less shade surrounding the pool area or more light coming through your kitchen window.

In other words, tree lopping involves trimming overgrown branches to avoid their encroaching on building structures and causing obstructions that eventually lead to property damage or accidents. In short, tree lopping helps keep your home safe.

But the looping process, if overly used, can shock the tree and disrupt its natural growth cycle. For this reason, you shouldn’t engage in any DIY projects; instead, hire a professional tree service provider if you don’t want to end up with an unbalanced structure that poses a danger to your property.

Who can perform tree lopping?

As mentioned, it’s vital to seek professional help and hire expert tree loppers who have the knowledge and experience to perform the procedure. They are qualified arborists who understand tree care and maintenance perfectly and know the exact branches to cut off to minimize potential damage tree to a tree.

What are the alternatives to tree lopping?

In general, when tree lopping isn’t the last resort, expert tree service providers recommend tree pruning. This process involves cutting off crossing branches and removing damaged or diseases parts that may pose a danger. It also involves thinning out dense areas so that light can get in and stimulate growth on all sides.

The bottom line is that regardless of the service you need – tree lopping, pruning, or tree removal – it is wise to hire a professional tree service provider to ensure optimal tree health and safety. With that in mind, contact TPS Tree Lopping and consult with our experts to ensure the best advice to help you make a smart decision.

The Importance of Replanting after Tree Removal

Although keeping trees on properties is important for the environment, sometimes tree removal is needed to protect other trees or the building structures – or simply to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the yard. But unfortunately, in most cases, homeowners only perform a tree or stump removal without thinking about the importance of replanting.

For this reason, the leading tree service provider in Brisbane – TPS Tree Lopping – can help you understand why you should consider replanting after tree removal. Here are the top five reasons:

  1. Carbon storage

It goes without saying that the number one reason for replanting after tree removal is natural carbon storage. As global warming is taking a toll on the environment, we must consider tree planting quite seriously, as carbon makes up 50% of the dry mass of a tree, i.e. the branches, trunk, and the root system. So, next time you hire a tree removal service, ensure you replant with a smaller or more suitable species.

  1. Climate control

Due to technological advancements and modern conveniences like air conditioning, we tend to forget about the nice cooling down effect of sitting under a tree shade. Therefore, take advantage of a shady tree and create a comfy outdoor living space during those hot summer days. However, keep in mind that regular pruning is vital for maintaining the tree canopy just where you want it. Hire a professional tree service if you want to get it done right.

  1. Wildlife habitat

Another reason why replanting is key after tree removal is that trees are home to numerous animals and their food source. By planting a tree in your back yard, you may bring native wildlife to the space and provide a habitat for them. For instance, you can go for Red Mulberry, White Oak, Eastern Red Cedar, or pines to create a bird-friendly landscape and enjoy watching curious birds flutter around your yard.

  1. Sound buffer

This may come as a surprise, but trees are actually considered a natural sound buffer. Indeed, dense trees like the Lilly Pilly can even reduce noise by several decibels. They are not only common and easy to grow, but are also much cheaper than sound-insulated boards. Consider planting a hedge to reduce the noise from busy roads or noisy neighbours. As a bonus, such dense trees are great for privacy screening.

  1. Property value

Trees can increase the value of your property significantly. But we aren’t talking about a poorly-maintained yard or an overgrown (never pruned) tree. We are referring to a well-positioned and well-maintained tree that not only boosts the surrounding aesthetics but also functionality. After tree removal, consider planting a suitable species that works best with the style of your home.

The bottom line is that there’s a huge difference between having an unkempt, poorly-maintained tree and having a well-positioned and well-maintained tree. The latter brings many benefits for sure. Hence, if you need an expert tree service, don’t hesitate to contact TPS Tree Lopping today to ensure you get the best of the best.

The Best Time of the Year to Prune Fruit Trees

Pruning your fruit trees at the right time of year will enhance the amount and quality of the crop. Proper timing and pruning techniques are the keys to beautiful fruit and healthy trees. To ensure your trees are pruned appropriately, hire professional Gold Coast tree loppers.

When and how to prune fruit trees depends on the type. The size, rate of branch growth and fruit bearing are factors to consider. Your goal determines the time of pruning: do you want your fruit tree to grow straight upright? You may want to reduce the branches of a bushy fruit tree or a dry, weak, and broken one.

What is the best time of year to prune fruit trees? It depends on the type and goal.

1.Pruning during winter

This is a fantastic season for pruning if you live in a cold climate area. At this time, the fruit tree is dormant with almost no leaves, fruits, or flowers. This makes it easy to differentiate unwanted, weak, and less bearing branches from healthy ones since you can see them. Note that in early winter, branch growth is minimal, and healing would not be as fast as in later winter. This means that late winter is an excellent time for pruning as you can see a tree’s structure and wounds very easily.

Vigorous growth is encouraged if you prune in the winter. After doing away with unhealthy branches, the healthy ones have enough space and food available. The branches attain enough energy, and the risk of pests or disease attack is low since the fruit tree is less bushy. Small or big trees can be pruned during winter.

2.Pruning during spring

In the spring, the weather is warmer, meaning it is time for trees to emerge from their dormancy. The benefit of pruning during the spring is that you can identify an unproductive branch because there are no shoots or leaves emerging. For those who grow small or tender fruit trees, checking shoot emergence before pruning is crucial. If you want to make a large fruit tree more compact, spring is a good time to do the pruning. However, don’t expect vigorous growth after pruning in the spring since the tree has already used up its stored energy to fuel shoot, leaf, and branch growth.

3.Pruning during summer

Just like the winter and spring, summer pruning has many benefits. This is the best time to reduce the size of larger trees. During summer, fruit trees have no more stored energy; thus, they do not grow vigorously. Since the fruit tree is full of leaves, it produces energy through photosynthesis. Some of that energy is used up in summer growth while the remaining is drawn back to the roots to be used during the winter. You prune in summer even if it has been done during the winter or early spring. Now you can remove diseased, forgotten, crisscrossed, and newly grown or broken branches.


Hiring qualified Brisbane tree loppers  is the way to go when it comes to fruit tree pruning.  A qualified arborist knows the best time of the year to do the pruning, depending upon your goals and the size and type of your trees.

Who is an Arborist?

An arborist is a professional engaged in the practice of the management and care of trees. Trained and experienced arborists know how to maintain trees for the safety of the public and the health of the trees. Therefore, the next time you need stump removal in Brisbane or tree removal in Brisbane, make sure you engage the services of a qualified arborist near you.

What services are offered by Brisbane tree loppers?

1.Pruning and shaping

For safe and healthy growth, trees require pruning and shaping by experts. We have qualified arborists in Brisbane and the Gold Coast to ensure that your trees are in good shape today and in the future. They can make trees look attractive and increase their fruitfulness if they bear fruit. Pests and animal infestations are also deterred.

2.Wood chipping

Your tree and plant waste can be very useful in the garden and even your homestead. We can turn it into compost manure for use in gardens or directly apply it as mulch around your trees. Wood chips can be applied on the ground to prevent soil erosion, also hindering the growth of weeds. We also make use of wood chips on walkways. They are a smart way to maintain cleanliness, especially during the rainy season. They make any landscape look attractive when applied professionally.

3.Tree and palm lopping

Brisbane tree loppers are experienced in providing safe and effective tree and palm lopping around your home or commercial property. They neutralize the potential danger of unstable trees due to aging, disease or pest infection, and root damage. Our Brisbane and Gold Coast tree loppers trim and control trees and palms to make them look attractive in shape, size, and proportion.

4.Stump grinding

Stump removal in Brisbane can be done on existing stumps or as part of removing the whole tree. We have efficient machinery that ensures every obstructive stump is disposed of with without damaging your property. We leave enough space to minimize the risk of an accident while also improving the aesthetics of a tidy and well-kept area. Diseases and pests are also done away with and there is no possibility of the stump sprouting again.

5.Tree and palm removal

Tree removal Brisbane can be done effectively by our skilled arborists without damage to your property, even in confined spaces. All unhealthy, weak, old, and unwanted trees can be removed, leaving your place safe and more open. Your home is protected in case of strong winds and heavy rains. There are no risks of branches falling and damaging your home or the surrounding properties, including power line that may cause serious harm. Tree removal prevents damage to driveways since it stops the spreading of roots to their foundations. There is always a better window view after the removal of overgrown trees. Curb appeal is improved from the creation of a clear space.

6.Emergency tree care

Our arborists in Brisbane will quickly come knocking if you call in case your tree or branches fall due to storms or winds. They have the skills and required tools and equipment to handle the situation if something has landed over your property, house, or nearby powerline.

How to Hire the Best Arborist

  1. Make sure that the arborist has up-to-date legal documents: business license, insurance, and certificate from the International Society of Arboriculture.
  2. Do not rely too heavily on online reviews. You may end up with an unskilled arborist who has paid clients to write only the best reviews.
  3. Do not time bargaining. Hire a qualified arborist who will do a quality job rather than going for a cheaper one with less skill.
  4. Insist on signing a contract with your arborist. A qualified arborist will not balk because he or she has the experience to determine the job parameters and the amount needed and will be willing to put it in writing.


Trees improve the aesthetic value of any homestead, but they require close observation as they grow and age. They may be a liability if left unattended. Our experienced and skilled arborists in Brisbane and the Gold Coast will never let you down; they are always available when you need them. They ensure that your trees are maintained and cleared away with when the time comes to protect you and your property!

What is Stump Grinding?

There are many reasons to eliminate tree stumps in your yard. However, the challenge is deciding which method to adopt when it comes to stump elimination.Stump grinding Brisbaneis one of the most preferredtechniques. Ideally, stump grinding is a detailed process that excavates the stump of a tree without removing the root.

How stump grinding is done:

A stump grinder is used to grind out the stump. This grinder has a spinning carbide-tipped steel wheel that is lowered onto the edge of the stump. As the grinder wheel moves from side to side as its spins, it grinds deeper into the stump with each movement. Eventually, the whole stump is ground up, leaving fine sawdust as a residue.The advantage of stump grinding Brisbaneis that the stump is ground down to thedesired height. In addition, the ground down stump mixes with the soil which levels the ground, eliminating the need for extra filling in.


Why prefer stump grinding?


A tree is the perfect enhancement for your home. However, after tree removal, the decaying stump becomes an eyesore. The stump can also be a safety hazardforchildren and pets. Stump grinding improvesthe yard’s aesthetic appeal, and it is safe for your family. It is also easier to execute and uses efficient tools to get the job done right. Compared to stump removal, stump grindingdoes not mess upthe expanse of your lawn. Thus, you have less mess compared to stump uprooting, which leaves dirtand leads to soil erosion.


So, what makes stump grinding the better option? Keep on reading to find out.


1. Controls tree growth

Leaving the stump unattended means the tree will sprout and keep growing. Consequently, you will incur the cost of tree removal eventually, which can be more expensive and involving compared to stump grinding.

2. Keep your backyard safe

Tree stumps are hazardous, and accidents can occur when people stumble over them. They can also damage appliances like a mower. Stump grinding promotes a safe environmentso your children have a safe playing compound.

3. Controls pests and diseases

Professionalstump grinding Brisbane will get rid of an infected stump. Beetles and termites are attracted to decaying tree stumps and can spread to other plants and trees on your property. Stump grinding Brisbanemakes your area less attractive to pests and insects, and therefore protects your investment.

4. Improves the aesthetic

Stump grinding improves the appearance of any landscaping. Consider that stumps attract weedsand mold, whichbecome an eyesore. Grindingfrees up space for additional landscaping and outdoor furniture that would be unusable with a stump in the way.


Are you looking for a professional to remove your unsightly tree stumps for good? At TPS, we offer tree removal service to restore the space, beauty, and safety of your landscape. We offer high-quality workmanship and undertake all aspects of tree removal work at a top professional level. Contact us for all your stump grinding needs.

How Do I Know I Need Stump Grinding?

A professional tree cutting service is the solution for bothersome trees. However,after the tree removal service, you might have to deal with the stump. In that case, the stump becomes a permanent fixture in the ground, posing a lot of danger.

It is advisabletorequest professional stump grinding in Brisbane before the stump becomes a problem. So, just when do you need stump grinding?

Here are tips to know when you need stump grinding:

1. You want to minimize tripping hazards

Tree stumps pose a tripping hazard, especially those that hide behind clumps of overgrown grass or in dense, weedy areas. Your children may miss the stump while playing and fall, causing possible injuries. Stumps roots may continue to grow underneath sidewalks, which could be dangerous for bikers or people just walking by. Depending upon the location of the stump, it could subject you to a liability case.

2. You want to improve the look of your yard

A stump kills the visual appeal of your landscape as it makes it look unattended. Stump grinding is the most reliable and efficienttree removal serviceto remove pesky stumps in the way. This will improve the entire look of your yardand improve your property value. Stump grinding also has less of an impact on your existing landscaping.

3. To avoid inconvenience while mowing

The spot where a tree stump sits is off-limits when mowing a lawn. Having to maneuver around them is a big hassle. Consequently, if you accidentally roll over the stump or roots, this can damage your mowerand cost a lot of money for repairs. Having professional stump grinding makes mowing a total breeze because there are no longer any hidden obstacles.

4. You want to increase the space

Space is an important consideration when it comes to landscaping. Tree stumps could take up all the space you could use for other design elements. Planting new trees near a stump and its far-reaching roots is a no-go because they are always in the way. Stump grinding Brisbane ensures that you have space both above and below the ground to use when you are ready to proceed with your landscaping plans.

5. Reduce the risks of spreading diseases and pests

When a diseased tree is cut down, in some cases it may develop sprouts. This presents the risk of spreading disease to the healthy trees in the surrounding area. The stump can also start to decay, thus attracting termites and other insects seekingsustenance and shelter. Not having stumps removed gives diseases and pests plenty of opportunities to settle in and multiply. Stump grinding is a kind of preventive maintenance that will protect the value of your home in the long run from an infestation of diseases and insects.


Do you intend to improve the look of your property, acquire more space, prevent injuries, while controlling pests and diseases through stump grinding? TPS will bring your dream to reality. We are committed to excellence and are fully equipped to provide you with your ideal tree removal services.Contact us today for all your tree removal needs.

4 Best Trees to Plant to Bring Birds to Your Property

Watching curious birds flutter around your yard can be interesting and enjoyable. You can admire these lovely creatures from afar as they fly around the trees to eat or perch on a branch to sing a tune. All bird lovers know that hanging a bird feeder or setting a birdbath are great ways to bring these feathered friends to your yard.

But did you know trees can also do the trick? A bird-friendly landscape with suitable trees will attract a wide variety of birds to your property. The right trees can meet all of the birds’ needs for food, water, shelter, and nesting sites. However, you also need to hire the best tree service to ensure the trees are cared to keep attracting these essential creatures.

So, what trees bring birds to your property? Here are the best trees that can create bird-friendly landscaping.

1. Red Mulberry

A Red Mulberry is a medium-sized deciduous tree that produces mulberry fruits that reach maturity in summer. Mulberries look similar to blackberries, but they are longer. Many wild birds eat mulberries, and they will eat the fruit even when it stays on the tree long past its peak ripeness. Red Mulberry trees also attract insects with their nectar-rich flowers. The bugs provide food for birds that usually only eat insects in the summer. This tree is so effective in feeding wild birds that many enthusiasts plant it for the sole purpose of attracting birds.

2. White Oak

A White Oak is a large deciduous tree that plays host to many species of caterpillars and other insects. These bugs make the White Oak a very popular foraging spot for insectivorous birds. Also, White Oaks produce acorns in the fall and attract birds that eat acorns. The White Oak is also a popular nesting location for many birds because of the broad foliage and many cavities.

3. Eastern Red Cedar

The Eastern Red Cedar is a large coniferous tree. The tree is an evergreen and has stiff, needle-like leaves which stay on the tree all year round. The needles make the Eastern Red Cedar essential for winter shelter for birds. The birds shelter in these trees in poor weather conditions like cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. In addition, birds feed on seeds from the cones of the Eastern Red Cedar.

4. Pines

Pines are large deciduous trees. Because of their massive size, it’s a favorite spot for many birds. It offers shelter and seed-filled cones. Some birds appear to spend a majority of their time in or around Pine trees. Because of their large size, a tree service from a professional may be required if you decide to remove the tree or need to have it trimmed. Tree stumpremovalmay alsobe necessary to prevent tripping hazards.

If you plant the right trees to bring birds to your property, ensure your trees are healthy and safe. When trees look dead, lean precariously, or are too near power lines or structures, it often makes sense is to remove them. You can also choose to remove the stumps at the same time. A professionaltree service will remove the trees safely and in a way that least impacts the surrounding area. Hiring a professional reduces the potential for personal injury or property damage.


For tree removal Brisbane, work with professionals to make your yard perfect for birds and people. AT TPS tree Lopping, our mission is to provide you with exceptional services and an overall friendly and helpful experience that sets us apart from the competition. We own state-of-the-art equipment and have incredibly skilled arborists. These highlights help us to give you superior services and an excellent experience from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more.

Top 2 Worst Trees to Plant in Your Yard

We love trees because they improvethe curb appeal of every home. Trees provide shade and plenty of visual interest. Trees are also habitats for our feathery neighbours and are good for the environment.

Choosing suitable trees to plant in your yard may seem like a matter of tastes and preferences. However, planting the right trees in your yard requires time and research. Many homeowners only consider a tree’s ability to provide shade and coolness during the hot seasons. But there are other essential aspects to consider.

Even if you plan to involve the best tree service to maintain and improve your yard, some tree species are more trouble to your yard than they are worth.Here are two types of trees you don’t want to plant in your yard.

1.   Sycamore

Sycamores are not ideal for planting in your yard despite their elegant structure and attractive appearance. The issue with Sycamores is that they grow to great heights. Their height causes the trees to become a danger to the surroundings. Sycamores also have a high risk of becoming diseased and weakened. You don’t want a tree of that height toppling on your roof. Removing diseased and overgrown Sycamore trees should be handled by tree service professionals. The experts will ensure your trees don’t cause expensive property damage.

2.   Bradford Pear

The Bradford Pear offers a decent amount of shade in a short period because it rapidly grows tall. Because homeowners don’t have to wait long for it to grow, many think the tree to be an optimal addition to their yard. However, during windy and stormy conditions, the quick growth makes this tree a hazard. The branches are weak, and they can easily snap, causing damage. To prevent the branches from splitting, you have to prune the tree frequently. Also, the white flowers that adorn this tree are beautiful, but they have a pungent odour.

If you had already planted a Sycamore or Bradford Pear in your yard,tree stump removal might be your best option.

We have looked at the trees may not be ideal backyard trees, but don’t let this dampen your enthusiasm for planting trees. There are many wonderful trees you can choose to beautify and improve your yard. Here are some essential factors to bear in mind when selecting a tree for your yard.

  • Messy Trees

Everyone expects to rake up leaves from deciduous trees. But fruits, berries, or seeds might surprise you with the huge mess they make in your yard each year.

  • Weak Tree Prone to Damage

Some trees are very vulnerable to wind damage or injury from heavy snow and ice because they are brittle. In addition, some of the trees are susceptible to borers which makes the wood weak and prone to damage.

  • Risks of Pests and Diseases

Some trees are more at risk of being impacted by local pests and diseases. It can be beneficial to research common issues with any tree you are considering adding to your yard.

  • Some Tree Species Causes Allergies

The pollen produced by certain trees may aggravate the allergies of you or your family. Trees that flower in the spring can sometimes cause allergies to act up seasonally.

  • Some Trees Have Deep, Strong Roots

The roots can damage the foundation of your house. The deep roots may also threaten your water mains or septic tanks.

  • Some Trees Grow Sky-High

Some trees pose a serious risk because of the heights they reach. Branches may topple or fall in bad weather or if the tree gets a disease.


TPS Tree Lopping will meet your tree removal Brisbane needs. We are qualified and have the experience required to complete the job safely and professionally. We pride ourselves on expert services, timeliness, and leaving your yard tidy at the end of the job. Contact us today to learn more about our services.