Tree Lopping in Brisbane

There’s no doubt that trees provide us with numerous benefits from providing shade on a hot day, greenery beautifying our landscape and boosting mood, to providing us with the much-needed oxygen. So, it’s no wonder why we all love having trees in our backyards, especially in the beautiful Brisbane climate allowing us to spend quite a lot of time outdoors.

However, your task as a homeowner is to ensure proper tree care. The truth is, tree care is vital for keeping trees healthy, supporting your garden’s ecosystem, as well as, ensuring the safety of your property. So, that’s when you should hire professional tree loppers, especially for maintaining large trees. An experienced arborist will provide a risk assessment and determine whether your trees need pruning, lopping, or stump removal.

That said, if you are looking for expert tree loppers in Brisbane, look no further than TPS (Trees, Palms, and Stumps)Tree Lopping – the leading arborists in the area offering specialist tree service including:

  • Tree and Palm Removal – If there’s any unwanted, damaged, or unhealthy tree on your property, our skilled arborists can both efficiently and safely remove the tree, even in confined spaces.
  • Tree and Palm Lopping – Regardless of the type of property, a home, a development site, or a commercial property, our highly qualified tree loppers are just a call away. Their experience and equipment allow them to provide the utmost tree and palm lopping services.
  • Wood Chipping – As our company is environmentally-friendly, we won’t let you dispose of your tree and plant waste to landfill. Instead, our expert tree loppers will come to your property, use up-to-date mobile wood chipping equipment and turn your green waste into mulch.
  • Pruning and Shaping – As already mentioned, our arborists can provide you with expert advice to ensure your trees are healthy and safe. To achieve this, they may provide expert pruning and shaping services that prevent further issues and meet Australian Standards.
  • Stump Grinding – In case of necessary tree removal, you don’t want the stump to be left out and impair the aesthetics of your garden. That’s when our highly efficient and cost-effective stump grinding services come in handy.
  • Emergency and Insurance work – Sadly but true, Queensland often suffers from stormy weather resulting in great damage especially if there are old or unhealthy trees on a property. Luckily, our expert tree loppers provide a genuine 24/7 emergency tree service across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. And, they will not only remove the tree but also deal with your insurance company.

The bottom line, we can conclude that TPS Tree Lopping is the go-to company when it comes to tree service. There’s literary nothing they aren’t able to help you with. From on-site inspections and free competitive quotes to after-hours service for emergencies, we are certainly the leading tree loppers in the Brisbane area.

So, call us today and get:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 100% property safety guaranteed
  • Full insurance cover for your total peace of mind
  • No hidden fees
  • All work will be completed with the minimum of disruption to you and your neighbours