When Is The Right Time to Remove Your Tree

Just like our cute little pet animals, trees and plants also become a part of our family. We enjoy how they branch out to protect our houses and grow right in front of our very eyes. Trees too are a very cherished part of everyone’s family. But then comes the harsh reality, even our green friends need to say goodbye. And no matter what the reason, tree removal can be a tricky experience if the tree stump removal is not done under professional guidance.

Let’s first understand when it is the best time to say goodbye!

A dead tree can have various symptoms. Diagnosing these symptoms may require an eye of an expert or detailed study by you! Hence the tree removal process can be made easy for you if you at least know the following symptoms:

Signs & Symptoms That Your Tree Needs Removal

  1. Check Yourself: Cut a part of the tree from the stem or use the twigs of the tree. Notice the colour of the surface beneath the bark. If it appears dryish and brown in colour, your tree is sick and needs to be removed.
  2. Call a Nearby Arborist: If you aren’t satisfied with your investigation, you may take help of tree service or identify more of the following symptoms:
  • Presence of Mushrooms at the base
  • Excessive cracks on the trunk or peeled off barks
  • Large hollow cavities on the trunk
  • On the upper part of the tree, the presence of many dead branches

If you could add a tick against more than 3 of the symptoms, that’s a red alert for tree lopping Brisbane. After contacting tree services and getting the advice of an arborist, you can now remove the tree under professional guidance.

The story doesn’t end there. Trees are the only natural suppliers of oxygen. Treasuring these gifts of nature isn’t a choice, rather a necessity. Removing a tree is a chance to grow a new healthy one. So don’t let this opportunity go, plant a new one! Preferably after getting your soil checked and then making sure this one lives a thousand years!


Trees are irreplaceable. Every tree cut down is a big loss to the biodiversity and survival of each organism on Earth. So, you have to be extra cautious when making decisions in this regard. You have to go above and beyond to even reach a conclusive statement, let alone taking action. It is safer to know you aren’t growing any dead plants or infected trees, but it is even safer to remove them under the professional guidance of a tree removal Brisbane company. And as heartbreaking as the process may be, knowing that you did justice to the tree by bringing it down under the guidance of an expert tree company will give you the satisfaction of knowing better! Also, A tree gone is an opportunity to bring a dozen to life.