3 Important Tips to Protect Young Trees from Wind Damage

Trees may find it difficult to withstand several windstorms that take place all across the year. It becomes imperative to take measures that will help in protecting your trees from these violent storms. Not to mention, you want to protect your home as well from trees falling. You may obtain leading tree services to enhance the protection of your trees and your home.

Given below are some quick tips that will help you protect trees from wind damage:

1. Support stakes:

It may prove beneficial to install support stakes when you decide to plant a tree in your yard. The support stakes are available in metal and wood and you can select either of them for the utmost safety of your trees. Additionally, you need to use a robust yet soft fabric for tying the tree to each stake thus leaving a little room for it to move naturally in regular wind pressure. It is worth noting that when a tree maintains natural sway, it will lead to a powerful root system, robust trunk, and sturdy branches. Experts at tree removal Brisbane offer adequate protection to trees from dust and wind storms.

2. Right location:

If you are planting a sapling, location plays a vital role. You must always consider moving the sapling to such a location that offers natural protection from strong winds. In case you notice the wind blowing from east to west, planting your tree towards the west direction is ideal as it will not hamper the natural growth of the sapling and allow it to gain adequate strength over a period of time. Professionals at stump grinding Brisbane give tips about the correct location for planting saplings.

3. Opt for a cover:

You may think of using a cover for protecting your trees from wind damage. A large number of individuals assume that covers may only be beneficial for protecting trees from the cold. However, this is not true. Covers can also be used for protecting trees from wind, pests, excessive heat exposure and several other types of damage that the tree may sustain. It is important to note that while using a cover, you must place it over the top of the tree and stick it to the bottom around the tree’s trunk. After the wind has subsided, you may remove it so that the trees do not get deprived of any sunlight.


The above discussed three tips will enhance the healthy growth of trees and enhance their protection from windstorms. Leading tree removal service provides you with useful ideas for protecting trees from several natural calamities. If you still have more questions about the health of your trees, or how to keep them safe, contact TPS Tree Lopping today!