The Importance of Replanting after Tree Removal

Although keeping trees on properties is important for the environment, sometimes tree removal is needed to protect other trees or the building structures – or simply to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the yard. But unfortunately, in most cases, homeowners only perform a tree or stump removal without thinking about the importance of replanting.

For this reason, the leading tree service provider in Brisbane – TPS Tree Lopping – can help you understand why you should consider replanting after tree removal. Here are the top five reasons:

  1. Carbon storage

It goes without saying that the number one reason for replanting after tree removal is natural carbon storage. As global warming is taking a toll on the environment, we must consider tree planting quite seriously, as carbon makes up 50% of the dry mass of a tree, i.e. the branches, trunk, and the root system. So, next time you hire a tree removal service, ensure you replant with a smaller or more suitable species.

  1. Climate control

Due to technological advancements and modern conveniences like air conditioning, we tend to forget about the nice cooling down effect of sitting under a tree shade. Therefore, take advantage of a shady tree and create a comfy outdoor living space during those hot summer days. However, keep in mind that regular pruning is vital for maintaining the tree canopy just where you want it. Hire a professional tree service if you want to get it done right.

  1. Wildlife habitat

Another reason why replanting is key after tree removal is that trees are home to numerous animals and their food source. By planting a tree in your back yard, you may bring native wildlife to the space and provide a habitat for them. For instance, you can go for Red Mulberry, White Oak, Eastern Red Cedar, or pines to create a bird-friendly landscape and enjoy watching curious birds flutter around your yard.

  1. Sound buffer

This may come as a surprise, but trees are actually considered a natural sound buffer. Indeed, dense trees like the Lilly Pilly can even reduce noise by several decibels. They are not only common and easy to grow, but are also much cheaper than sound-insulated boards. Consider planting a hedge to reduce the noise from busy roads or noisy neighbours. As a bonus, such dense trees are great for privacy screening.

  1. Property value

Trees can increase the value of your property significantly. But we aren’t talking about a poorly-maintained yard or an overgrown (never pruned) tree. We are referring to a well-positioned and well-maintained tree that not only boosts the surrounding aesthetics but also functionality. After tree removal, consider planting a suitable species that works best with the style of your home.

The bottom line is that there’s a huge difference between having an unkempt, poorly-maintained tree and having a well-positioned and well-maintained tree. The latter brings many benefits for sure. Hence, if you need an expert tree service, don’t hesitate to contact TPS Tree Lopping today to ensure you get the best of the best.