4 Best Trees to Plant to Bring Birds to Your Property

Watching curious birds flutter around your yard can be interesting and enjoyable. You can admire these lovely creatures from afar as they fly around the trees to eat or perch on a branch to sing a tune. All bird lovers know that hanging a bird feeder or setting a birdbath are great ways to bring these feathered friends to your yard.

But did you know trees can also do the trick? A bird-friendly landscape with suitable trees will attract a wide variety of birds to your property. The right trees can meet all of the birds’ needs for food, water, shelter, and nesting sites. However, you also need to hire the best tree service to ensure the trees are cared to keep attracting these essential creatures.

So, what trees bring birds to your property? Here are the best trees that can create bird-friendly landscaping.

1. Red Mulberry

A Red Mulberry is a medium-sized deciduous tree that produces mulberry fruits that reach maturity in summer. Mulberries look similar to blackberries, but they are longer. Many wild birds eat mulberries, and they will eat the fruit even when it stays on the tree long past its peak ripeness. Red Mulberry trees also attract insects with their nectar-rich flowers. The bugs provide food for birds that usually only eat insects in the summer. This tree is so effective in feeding wild birds that many enthusiasts plant it for the sole purpose of attracting birds.

2. White Oak

A White Oak is a large deciduous tree that plays host to many species of caterpillars and other insects. These bugs make the White Oak a very popular foraging spot for insectivorous birds. Also, White Oaks produce acorns in the fall and attract birds that eat acorns. The White Oak is also a popular nesting location for many birds because of the broad foliage and many cavities.

3. Eastern Red Cedar

The Eastern Red Cedar is a large coniferous tree. The tree is an evergreen and has stiff, needle-like leaves which stay on the tree all year round. The needles make the Eastern Red Cedar essential for winter shelter for birds. The birds shelter in these trees in poor weather conditions like cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. In addition, birds feed on seeds from the cones of the Eastern Red Cedar.

4. Pines

Pines are large deciduous trees. Because of their massive size, it’s a favorite spot for many birds. It offers shelter and seed-filled cones. Some birds appear to spend a majority of their time in or around Pine trees. Because of their large size, a tree service from a professional may be required if you decide to remove the tree or need to have it trimmed. Tree stumpremovalmay alsobe necessary to prevent tripping hazards.

If you plant the right trees to bring birds to your property, ensure your trees are healthy and safe. When trees look dead, lean precariously, or are too near power lines or structures, it often makes sense is to remove them. You can also choose to remove the stumps at the same time. A professionaltree service will remove the trees safely and in a way that least impacts the surrounding area. Hiring a professional reduces the potential for personal injury or property damage.


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