Top 2 Worst Trees to Plant in Your Yard

We love trees because they improvethe curb appeal of every home. Trees provide shade and plenty of visual interest. Trees are also habitats for our feathery neighbours and are good for the environment.

Choosing suitable trees to plant in your yard may seem like a matter of tastes and preferences. However, planting the right trees in your yard requires time and research. Many homeowners only consider a tree’s ability to provide shade and coolness during the hot seasons. But there are other essential aspects to consider.

Even if you plan to involve the best tree service to maintain and improve your yard, some tree species are more trouble to your yard than they are worth.Here are two types of trees you don’t want to plant in your yard.

1.   Sycamore

Sycamores are not ideal for planting in your yard despite their elegant structure and attractive appearance. The issue with Sycamores is that they grow to great heights. Their height causes the trees to become a danger to the surroundings. Sycamores also have a high risk of becoming diseased and weakened. You don’t want a tree of that height toppling on your roof. Removing diseased and overgrown Sycamore trees should be handled by tree service professionals. The experts will ensure your trees don’t cause expensive property damage.

2.   Bradford Pear

The Bradford Pear offers a decent amount of shade in a short period because it rapidly grows tall. Because homeowners don’t have to wait long for it to grow, many think the tree to be an optimal addition to their yard. However, during windy and stormy conditions, the quick growth makes this tree a hazard. The branches are weak, and they can easily snap, causing damage. To prevent the branches from splitting, you have to prune the tree frequently. Also, the white flowers that adorn this tree are beautiful, but they have a pungent odour.

If you had already planted a Sycamore or Bradford Pear in your yard,tree stump removal might be your best option.

We have looked at the trees may not be ideal backyard trees, but don’t let this dampen your enthusiasm for planting trees. There are many wonderful trees you can choose to beautify and improve your yard. Here are some essential factors to bear in mind when selecting a tree for your yard.

  • Messy Trees

Everyone expects to rake up leaves from deciduous trees. But fruits, berries, or seeds might surprise you with the huge mess they make in your yard each year.

  • Weak Tree Prone to Damage

Some trees are very vulnerable to wind damage or injury from heavy snow and ice because they are brittle. In addition, some of the trees are susceptible to borers which makes the wood weak and prone to damage.

  • Risks of Pests and Diseases

Some trees are more at risk of being impacted by local pests and diseases. It can be beneficial to research common issues with any tree you are considering adding to your yard.

  • Some Tree Species Causes Allergies

The pollen produced by certain trees may aggravate the allergies of you or your family. Trees that flower in the spring can sometimes cause allergies to act up seasonally.

  • Some Trees Have Deep, Strong Roots

The roots can damage the foundation of your house. The deep roots may also threaten your water mains or septic tanks.

  • Some Trees Grow Sky-High

Some trees pose a serious risk because of the heights they reach. Branches may topple or fall in bad weather or if the tree gets a disease.


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