How Do I Know I Need Stump Grinding?

A professional tree cutting service is the solution for bothersome trees. However,after the tree removal service, you might have to deal with the stump. In that case, the stump becomes a permanent fixture in the ground, posing a lot of danger.

It is advisabletorequest professional stump grinding in Brisbane before the stump becomes a problem. So, just when do you need stump grinding?

Here are tips to know when you need stump grinding:

1. You want to minimize tripping hazards

Tree stumps pose a tripping hazard, especially those that hide behind clumps of overgrown grass or in dense, weedy areas. Your children may miss the stump while playing and fall, causing possible injuries. Stumps roots may continue to grow underneath sidewalks, which could be dangerous for bikers or people just walking by. Depending upon the location of the stump, it could subject you to a liability case.

2. You want to improve the look of your yard

A stump kills the visual appeal of your landscape as it makes it look unattended. Stump grinding is the most reliable and efficienttree removal serviceto remove pesky stumps in the way. This will improve the entire look of your yardand improve your property value. Stump grinding also has less of an impact on your existing landscaping.

3. To avoid inconvenience while mowing

The spot where a tree stump sits is off-limits when mowing a lawn. Having to maneuver around them is a big hassle. Consequently, if you accidentally roll over the stump or roots, this can damage your mowerand cost a lot of money for repairs. Having professional stump grinding makes mowing a total breeze because there are no longer any hidden obstacles.

4. You want to increase the space

Space is an important consideration when it comes to landscaping. Tree stumps could take up all the space you could use for other design elements. Planting new trees near a stump and its far-reaching roots is a no-go because they are always in the way. Stump grinding Brisbane ensures that you have space both above and below the ground to use when you are ready to proceed with your landscaping plans.

5. Reduce the risks of spreading diseases and pests

When a diseased tree is cut down, in some cases it may develop sprouts. This presents the risk of spreading disease to the healthy trees in the surrounding area. The stump can also start to decay, thus attracting termites and other insects seekingsustenance and shelter. Not having stumps removed gives diseases and pests plenty of opportunities to settle in and multiply. Stump grinding is a kind of preventive maintenance that will protect the value of your home in the long run from an infestation of diseases and insects.


Do you intend to improve the look of your property, acquire more space, prevent injuries, while controlling pests and diseases through stump grinding? TPS will bring your dream to reality. We are committed to excellence and are fully equipped to provide you with your ideal tree removal services.Contact us today for all your tree removal needs.