Professional tree removalist cutting tree with chainsaw - professional tree removal service Brisbane

7 Reasons To Hire Professional Tree Removal Services in Brisbane

Queenslanders love having trees on their property. Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons, attracting native birds or simply a means of being connected to nature, it’s not uncommon to find a tree or three in a Brisbane backyard.  However, unfortunately every now and then trees need to be removed – they might be dead or diseased, causing problems with pipes or other essential infrastructure or simply be unsafe to keep. Whatever the reason, when removing a tree from your property using a professional tree removal service in Brisbane is always recommended. Here are the 7 reasons why.


Tree removals pose multiple safety hazards, including falling branches, overlapping electrical wires, decayed branches/roots and other hazards which only professional tree removalists can handle safely. Going it alone without proper knowledge and the right tools and equipment can put you, your family, friends, pets and anyone else on your property at risk.

No matter how careful and prepared you may think you are for executing the task, there are certain things that only the trained eye of a professional tree removalist can identify and deal with such as decayed roots that could break if weight is placed on them. A professional tree removalist is trained to safely climb a tree if required, while also being able to determine when it’s not safe to do so.

TPS provides professional tree removal services in Brisbane. We are equipped with the right tools and expertise that ensure tree removals are completed safely without causing harm to themselves, your property, or anyone else.

Expert Advice

Apart from knowing how to safely remove trees, a professional tree removalist can appraise you about whether or not there’s a need to remove a tree in the first place. Suppose you hire a professional tree removal service to remove what you believe is a damaged tree. A professional tree removalist can review and advice if there are any chances for restoration. They can advise you on the best course of action, whether that be removal, restoration, pruning, or something else.

Liability Risks

While not common, accidents can happen to even a professional while removing a tree. However, if an incident happens at your property, it won’t result in liability or cost to you as a professional tree removal service will have insured, any injury or damage that may occur during the removal process will be covered.

Right Equipment

If you decide to do the tree removal job independently, you may not have the required tools to carry out the removal accurately and safely. Purchasing specific tools for the job (which you’re likely to only use once), is a costly option.


Removing a tree can usually result in a bit of a mess. When hiring a professional tree removal service in Brisbane such as TPS Tree Services, this is one more thing you won’t need to worry about as clean-up is a part of the services provided, including options for removal of the tree.

Task Efficiency

Tree removal specialists have the skills, tools and ability to remove tress far more efficiently. The job will take half the time it would for someone that is not a professional. Rather than take hours out of your day, a better option is to leave the job to the experts and sit back, relax and spend your precious time doing what you want to do.


In the off-chance that you notice something amiss post your tree-removal, you will be able to get any problems fixed by the specialists. TPS Tree Services are reputable, professional tree removalists in Brisbane that strive to provide customer satisfaction on every job. If ever clients are unhappy with the services provided, they provide assistance to right any wrongs. This isn’t a universal practice, however, so remember to always look for a professional tree removal service in Brisbane with years of experience and positive reviews.

If you need a tree removed from your property and can’t decide whether to go it alone or hire a professional tree removal service, consider the added benefits of hiring the experts. While doing it yourself would be “free”, when taking into account important factors such safety, getting a professional and accurate outcome, the time investment and effort and special equipment required, the cost of hiring a professional tree removal service significantly outweighs the cost of doing it yourself.

TPS Tree Services provide professional tree removal services in Brisbane with 19 years’ local experience. We are fully licensed and pride ourselves on delivering only the highest level of services to clients, no matter the size of the job and our client reviews are testament to this.