Why Hire A Professional Arborist?

Beautiful landscaping and a well-designed garden are one of the best ways to add value and beauty to any house or property. But, garden trees need to be maintained properly in order to be healthy. Otherwise, they can grow extremely big and wild if not treated well. And, what’s even more important, such untreated trees can be quite dangerous to houses, properties, and people.

Therefore, professional help is a must when taking care of trees. And, if you want to get the best possible tree services, you should hire a professional and experienced arborist, preferably one from the best tree service company in the Queensland area – TPS Lopping.

What is an Arborist and Why Hire a Professional One?

Namely, an arborist is a trained and experienced tree expert who knows everything needed about keeping garden trees and plants healthy and maintaining them properly. They offer a variety of services that you cannot really do by yourself because of two simple reasons. First, you aren’t trained for the job. Second, you don’t have the equipment needed to handle some tasks.

So, let’s have a look at the list of professional tree services an arborist can offer:

  1. Tree Felling and Removal

Several factors affect the way a tree should be removed including the type, its condition, and where exactly it is planted on the property. Furthermore, an experienced arborist will also consider other factors like the tree’s height, width, and the surrounding area. All of these factors are important so that no damage is done to the property and the environment during the tree felling process.

  1. Tree Lopping and Pruning

Tree removal isn’t always the best solution in the case of an unruly grown tree. Namely, in most cases, you can reduce the risk of damage and still make the garden tree look nice and appealing by tree lopping and pruning. An arborist knows which parts to prune or lop and which parts should be left in order to keep the tree in a perfect condition.

  1. Palm Cleaning and Removal

Brisbane and the Gold Coast are full of attractive palm trees. However, the tricky part is that they can pose some problems over time. For that reason, palm trees need to be cleaned and maintained regularly so they keep their amazing looks and their health. Luckily, an arborist is also a palm tree expert who knows how to clean them properly and which method to use. Remember, incorrect cleaning methods can kill palm trees.

  1. Stump Grinding

We previously discussed tree felling and removal, but this process doesn’t include stump grinding so it means that the stump will be left in the ground. And, tree removal is actually a straightforward task when compared to stump removal. Digging a stump really requires serious time, energy, and equipment. So, hiring a professional arborist is the best option because they have the stump grinding machinery needed to dig out a stump easily.

Final Thoughts

You should definitely ditch your DIY skills when it comes to tree care. Instead, you should seek help from a professional arborist. By doing so, you’ll make sure that your garden trees get the best care possible. And, apart from the four main tree services, an arborist also offers a 24-hour emergency tree services, and professional consulting and advice.

Factors That Influence the Price of Tree Removal

There could be many reasons behind removing a tree, be it disease or obstruction. While the task appears straightforward, the prices aren’t. Removing trees can cost from almost nothing to a significant amount. So that you can be prepared and understand the pricing, it is crucial to understand the factors that actually affect the price of tree removal.


Factors Affecting the Price of Tree Removal:

Mentioned below are the four most important factors that influence the price of tree removal service.

1.   Size:

The first and the most significant factor affecting the price of tree removal is its size. It is the height and the width of the tree that heavily impacts the efforts and the resources required to remove it. The larger the tree, the more it needs to be broken down into smaller parts.

2.   Health:

Another factor that could potentially become a critical one is the health of the tree. If a tree is dead, it is generally easier to remove it and thus costs less. However, if the tree is diseased, it poses a health risk to the tree removers, who would need protective gear and to employ additional caution processes.

3.   Location:

The location of your tree and the accessibility to it also affects the cost. For example, tree removal Brisbane companies will add the distance as a factor during a breakdown. Since the tree removal service needs to carry all their equipment and return with an additional tree, the accessibility seriously impacts the price of removing a tree.

4.   Hazards:

Lastly, sometimes tree removal services pose a certain hazard. For instance, if the tree in question is adjacent to power lines, it poses a significant risk. While any tree removal service is equipped to deal with such risks, it would generally mean more efforts and thus higher costs.

Now that you are aware of all the factors that affect the price of tree removal, you now stand at a much better position to understand whether removing the tree in your backyard will be exceptionally pricey or not.