tree stump removal

3 reasons why you absolutely need tree removal services during your renovation

Tree removal services probably aren’t on your mind when you plan your renovation. There’s more concern over paint colours and what type of lounge suite to buy. But this underrated service is absolutely necessary when you want a spectacular end result.



  • They take up space

Old trees and ugly stumps are using up valuable square meters. This is especially true if they’re in the middle of the backyard. That space is better used as lawn for the kids to play on, or a deck/outdoor living area.


When you’re tackling a renovation, you might try and do most of the work yourself to save money. Tree removal though, is a task better left to the professionals. Services like ours have specialist equipment and trained arborists that don’t just guarantee safe removal. It’ll get completed in less time compared to you doing it alone.



  • It doesn’t fit your overall look

Say, for example, the landscape you have in mind is a Japanese garden, complete with an in-ground pond and a bridge. A big Aussie gumtree doesn’t exactly fit in with that aesthetic.


tree stump removal

No room for stumps here!


Before anything gets cut down, the arborist will come and assess the condition of the tree. After a general inspection, the TPS tree removal services tackles the task bit by bit (or branch by branch) until everything is removed. Getting rid of the stump as well is recommended.



  • You’re removing a hazard

When a tree’s branches grow close to power lines, it’s a hazard. The same when there’s dead branches and hollow trunks. You’ll need the help of professional tree removal services like us to nip the danger in the bud before any real damage can happen. One strong wind or  nasty storm is enough to cause serious headaches.


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Read RACQ’s storm preparation tips

stump removal

5 reasons to order stump removal ASAP

Stump removal is an underrated yet essential service that property owners should utilise more often. After the tree is cut down, most won’t think about what’s left behind. But ordering stump removal sooner rather than later will save you a lot of headaches down the road.


They sprout
The stump might not grow but the areas at the base will. It’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

This new growth will only go out and up. It’ll take up more space in your yard compared to the original tree. You ordered the tree to get cut down for space to begin with, not to let it re-grow bigger and bushier.


Tree stumps are ugly
Sad but true. A tree stump isn’t a nice backyard feature. Tree stumps are often left alone on council land and occasionally make a nice seat or picnic table. But they’re most often in wide open spaces, not a finite amount of back/front yard.

Ugly, unsightly stumps have no room during a renovation so make arrangements for stump removal during the landscaping phase. This brings us to the next point;


You need space
People renovate because they want more space in their home and yards. Your kids can’t kick the footy around a stump.

Stump removal is a process, but a necessary one to take if you want more square meters out of your lawn. The space you gain means you can put in the pool/barbecue/man cave of your dreams.


stump removal

Stump removal makes room for a garden or veggie patch


The decay
If you don’t order stump removal within a year or two, it’ll begin to decay. And decay attracts all sorts of nasties. First off, decay from a tree stump really smells thanks to all the natural rotting material. Next come the termites and beetles. After they’ve finished eating the tree, they’ll move onto their next home or main course: your house.


The dangers
Stump removal nips these hazards before any real accidents happen. Children in particular are at risk when they’re running around. They can trip over a root and hurt themselves, for one. And for adults mowing the lawn, they aboveground roots that can children trip over can also ruin your lawn mower blades.


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